Fun Christmas Party Ideas

December 17, 2013

Have your Holiday party be one your guests won’t forget. Spruce up your party with these family-friendly games that everyone will enjoy! -guest blogger: Maria

How Many Cookies?

Cookie JarsHoliday cookies are a staple at any party during the season. Fill a clear cookie jar, seal it, and place it for all to see. Have everyone guess how many cookies are in the jar, and the person with the closest guess wins the cookie jar AND the cookies! You can make your own Chalkboard Cookie Jar Labels and make it festive for the holiday season! View our Holiday Gift collection for cookies to fill the cookie jar!




“Twas The Night Before Christmas” Gift Exchange

Book: Twas the Night Before Christmas

A great way to incorporate a classic Christmas poem into your gift exchange parties. Select one person to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Everyone else stands in a circle with their wrapped presents. Each time the reader says the word “the” gifts are passed to the left and when the word “and” is said, the gifts are passed to the right. When the story ends, you are left with a new present!





Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game is perfect for younger children in your family.

What you will need:

  • 3 sheets of white poster board
  • Tape or Glue
  • 1 piece of orange construction paper
  • 1 piece of black construction paper
  • 1 bandanna

How to make the snowman:

  • Take 3 sheets of poster board and cut 3 different sized circles (small, medium, and large)
  • Tape the circles on the wall one on top of the other starting with the largest on the bottom
  • Cut out 7 small black circles out of construction paper (2 for the eyes and 5 for the mouth). Glue or tape them to the snowman’s face.
  • Make a hat for the snowman (optional)
  • For the nose, cut out orange triangles. One for each participant.

How to play:

Blindfold each child with a bandanna, gently spin them in a circle, and have them try and place the nose in the center of the snowman’s face. The child that gets the closest wins!

Enjoy your Holiday parties this season with these fun games! Read our blog for other fun party ideas for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day and more!