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Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

Have Your Coffee and Eat it Too: 5 Sweet Ways to Satisfy Your Coffee Craving

February 26, 2015

During the cold, dreary days of winter, it can sometimes be difficult to roll out of bed without being enticed by a fragrant cup of freshly brewed coffee. If you’re one to indulge in a caffeine kick now and then, why not mix things up a bit with one of these deliciously sweet ideas so you can have your coffee and eat it, too!

Mocha Latte Cookies


Who says you We are so excited to introduce on of the newest members to the Cheryl’s family – our Mocha Latte Cookies! Rich, decadent, and bursting with flavor, these are a must try if you’re looking for a sweet treat that’ll really get your energy flowing.

Coffee Liquor Shooters

Alternatively, you can pour your favorite coffee liquor and pair it with chocolate covered cherries to make your own Chocolate Covered Cherry Coffee Shooters like did here!

Coffee Cocktails

Don’t feel like taking a strong coffee liquor shooter? We love the idea of mixing up a coffee cocktail instead to get the same caffeine and alcohol buzz – perfect for a Friday night!

Coffee Pudding Pops

Chill out with a deliciously frozen coffee pudding pop with this recipe from! Not only do these look delicious, but they are on a stick for an easy-to-eat way to get your caffeine fix.

Coffee Art

Last but not least, if you don’t actually want to consume coffee, you can always get inspired with these amazing art creations made out of coffee!

What’s your favorite coffee drink recipe or way to consume your cuppa? Share with us below!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Summer

Beauty in Bloom: Fun Facts About Sunflowers

September 3, 2014

When you look at a sunflower, you can’t help but smile. There’s just something about those bright, larger-than-life flowers that really brighten up the day. That’s why every summer and fall, we love putting a sunflower spin on our famous buttercream frosted cookies!

In honor of one of our favorite vibrant blooms, here are some fun facts about sunflowers!

Did you know…

– Sunflowers belong to the Helianthus genus. Helianthus is a combination of the Greek words – “helios,” meaning sun and “anthos,” meaning flower.

cheryls-buttercream-frosted-sunflower-cookies– The sunflower has been cultivated for over 4,500 years!

-While the sunflower is native to North America, its popularity as a cultivated crop began in Russia.

– It is a very fast growing plant; in fact, it requires around only 100 days from planting to reach maturity.

– Flower heads from young sunflower plants actually follow the movement of the sun during the day. This behavior is known as heliotropism.

– In fact, the French word for sunflower is tournesol, which translates literally to “turn with the sun.”

– Sunflower plants vary tremendously in size; they can be as small as three feet and as large as eighteen feet in height.

– One single sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds – that’s a whole lot of snacking!

– There are more than 60 different kinds of sunflowers growing all over the world.

– Not only are sunflowers the state flower of Kansas, but you can find 11 different varieties of sunflowers growing in this one state!

– There are 2 different kinds of consumable sunflower seed – striped and black oil.

– As of 2014, the tallest sunflower in the world belongs to Hans-Peter Schiffer from Germany. His wow-worthy bloom measures at 28 ft, 8.49 inches (8.75 m) high and was measured on August 27, 2013.

– On the flip side, according to the 1996 Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest sunflower ever grown measured at only 2 1/5 inches at its mature stage – that’s one petite plant!

– Not only can you eat sunflower seeds, but you can even use them to make medicines, paints, and cooking oil.

– Sunflowers are more than just plants, they are art! In fact, famous painter Vincent Van Gogh was so inspired by this beautiful bloom that he did a whole series inspired by and featuring sunflowers.


Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Summer

How to Make Bite-Size Buttercream Cookie Cups

July 21, 2014

how-to-make-buttercream-cookie-cupsLooking for a new, fun way to enjoy your favorite Cheryl’s buttercream cookies? Give them a creative (and delicious) twist by turn them into bite-sized cookie cups which can then be filled ice cream or other tasty treats!

Keep in mind when gathering your supplies that one Cheryl’s cookie will yield two buttercream cookie cups. We use original white frosted cutout cookies, but if your celebration calls for a specific color theme, feel free to use one of the other buttercream frosted cutout varieties to fit the rest of your menu and decor!

Supplies for Buttercream Cookie Cups

buttercream-cookie-bowls-suppliesCheryl’s Buttercream Cookies
Butter or cooking spray
Mini Muffin Tin
Rolling Pin
Aluminum Foil
Access to Freezer

Directions for Buttercream Cookie Cups

First, prepare the cookies by unwrapping them. If you have been keeping them in the freezer, give them 5-10 minutes to defrost and soften back to their original state.


Place your cookies on a clean, lined surface and use the rolling pin to slowly flatten and crumble the cookies until you are left with a deliciously crumbled cookie pile.


Take a handful of the cookie crumble and place on the inside of the muffin tin. Use your hand to mold it to the tin shape, using your thumb to leave an empty space in the middle to ensure the bowl-like shape.


Once your entire tin is filled with cookies, wrap in tin foil and place in the freezer for 2 hours to overnight.

Once the cups have fully frozen into the shape, remove them from the freezer. Let defrost for 2 minutes before removing them for easy removal.


Now, fill your cups with ice cream, candies, chocolate morsels – the possibilities are endless!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Easter Cookies

Easter Activities for Kids

April 15, 2014

After the observance, Easter is a time of family reunions, traditional foods, and creating new memories while reminiscing and reflecting. While the adults are setting the tables and catching up with the past year’s events, the kids impatiently await the first course to arrive so they can finally dig in. This year, keep the younger crowd calm while partaking in some festive fun with Easter activities for kids!

Easter Activities for Kids

Set up a separate crafting and activity station to keep all the kids settled in one place. Prepare the area with smocks if necessary; Cover with festive wrapping paper to not only protect the table but to also dress up the space. Here are some suggestions for simple yet fun Easter activities for kids; be sure to set out all the supplies and ingredients they may need before the event so they can enjoy the day while the adults catch up and play!

Don’t forget to check out our Easy Easter Decorating Ideas for some simple and festive ways to spruce up your space!

Easter Egg Decorating

Prepare a few dozen hardboiled eggs for kids to decorate. For less mess, skip the paints and dyes and instead provide kids with permanent markers in various colors so they can draw designs or even just bedazzle the eggs with their names. Other mess-free suggestions include festive stickers and glitter pens.

Easter Activity BoxEaster activity box

This festive activity box for Easter is filled with festive treats and activities to keep children of all ages occupied. The best part? This activity box comes complete with sweets, crayons, and even an adorable paddle ball, all packaged in a ready-to-color box, essentially doing the prep work for you. At the end of the party, kids can then pack all of their goodies and creations into the activity for a creative party favor container!

Easter Cookie Decorating Station

The only thing better than decorating eggs is decorating buttercream cookie eggs! Set up a cookie decorating station for kids to unleash their sweet tooth dreams. Our Easter Cutout Cookie Decorating Kit comes with unfrosted Cheryl’s famous cutout cookies, butter cream frosting, and festive sprinkles for some seriously sweet fun! Want to keep the cookie fun going year-round? Surprise someone special with our Frosted Cookie Club, and for a limited time get 6 Buttercream Chick Cookies free with subscription!

Here are some aww-inspiring photos of our Easter activities for kids in action:

Easter Activities for Kids

An artist-in-training works diligently on her cookie creation.

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids

The perfect sprinkles placement requires extreme concentration.

Easter Activities for Kids

A cookie artist shows off her work…

Easter Activities for Kids

…and then devours it!

Easter Activities for Kids

The kids then channel their inner artists with an Easter activity box.
Easter Activities for KidsOnce they are finished, it’s time to show off those masterpieces!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

Easy Valentine’s Day Buttercream Frosted Ice Cream Sandwiches

February 12, 2014

Make your Valentine’s Day celebration even sweeter by surprising your special someone with a heart shaped dessert filled with love! We used Cheryl’s famous Buttercream Frosted Cookies for a rich and mouth-watering treat sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

For a festive treat, we used strawberry ice cream with our white frosted cookies and vanilla ice cream with the pink frosted cookies, but these ice cream sandwiches can be customized to fit your Valentine’s flavor preferences. Use their favorite ice cream flavor and wow them with a dessert that you whipped up in less than 5 minutes!

Ingredients for Valentine’s Day Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe:

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Cheryl’s Buttercream Frosted Cut-out Cookies (2 per sandwich)
Ice cream
Red sanding sugar

Directions for Easy Buttercream Frosted Ice Cream Sandwiches

Place one large scoop of ice cream on the inside of the cookie. Take the other cookie and squeeze together, slowly and carefully.

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

Use a spoon or spatula to clean off any excess ice cream. Then, simply roll your ice cream sandwich in the sanding sugar – the ice cream acts as a tasty adhesive!

Valentine's Day Ice Cream Sandwiches

Serve alongside a tall glass of milk for an extra sweet Valentine’s Day!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

The Many Uses of Buttercream, Part 7: Frosted Graham Stackers!

December 14, 2012
Frosted Graham Stackers

Frosted Graham StackersSadly, all good things must come to an end. We here at Cheryl’s hope you had a blast trying out our many buttercream experiments over the past seven weeks, but now it’s time for the grand finale!

To wrap things up, we thought we’d put a new twist on an old campfire favorite: S’mores. But there’s no need to light up a bonfire for this delicious treat. All you need is a few graham crackers, a tub of Cheryl’s rich fudge buttercream icing (to replace the chocolate bar in the traditional S’mores recipe) and a jar of creamy peanut butter (to stand in for the marshmallows). So let’s get crackin’!

Graham Crackers Frosted With Cheryl's Fudge Buttercream Icing and Peanut Butter

Break the graham crackers into small squares and separate them into three equal piles. Take one pile and spread a thick layer of Cheryl’s fudge buttercream frosting onto each graham cracker. For the second pile, spread a thick layer of peanut butter onto each square. Leave the remaining squares unfrosted.

Stacked Frosted Graham Crackers

Lay the buttercream-frosted crackers on a plate, frosted side up. Stack one plain cracker on top of each buttercream-frosted square, and then stack a peanut butter–covered cracker on top of the plain cracker to create a three-layer sandwich.

Stacked Frosted Graham Crackers Topped With Chocolate Chips

Cap off the sandwich with a topping of your choice, like chocolate chips or strawberry slices.

Now gather your friends ’round the table, pour yourselves a few mugs of piping hot chocolate, and take joy in a night of warm laughter and sweet comfort!

That’s all, folks! Before the curtain officially closes on our buttercream series, tell us which yummy project you loved most: traditional treats, icing fondue, deconstructed cake, cake push-up pops, frosted pancake sandwiches, frosted doughnut flowers, or frosted graham stackers?

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

The Many Uses of Buttercream, Part 6: Frosted Doughnut Flowers!

December 7, 2012
Frosted Doughnut Flowers

Frosted Doughnut FlowersSadly enough, our buttercream extravaganza is almost coming to an end. But don’t shed those tears just yet: We still have a couple of fun and tasty ideas up our sleeves!

This week, we think you should forget about those boxed doughnuts with the barely-there frosting. Stir things up a bit and frost your sweet rolls with some buttercream icing instead! A rich layer of frosting atop a fluffy doughnut makes it the ultimate comfort food, and it opens up a whole new realm of crafty possibilities!

In honor of the holiday season, we decided to create a cute Christmas bouquet out of our ring-shaped treats. Making these beautiful flowers is super-simple. All you need is a dozen (or half-dozen) each of unfrosted doughnuts and doughnut holes, a couple of tubs of your favorite buttercream frosting flavors, food coloring and a pastry bag. Once you have all your supplies, just follow these steps to make your own sugary arrangement:

How to Place Doughnut Holes in a Doughnut to Make a Flower ShapeLay out your unfrosted doughnuts on a platter. Then, place one plain doughnut hole in the center of each doughnut.

Doughnut With Frosted Flower PetalsMix your frosting with food coloring to create your desired colors for the flower petals. (Vanilla, mint and peppermint frosting work well for the Christmas motif!) Using a pastry bag and working around the doughnut hole, pipe the frosting onto the face of the doughnut to make the flower petals.

Frosted Doughnut Flowers Garnished With Leaves
Arrange the doughnut flowers on a platter and garnish them with some mint leaves (or faux leaves) for an extra-real effect.

Ta-da! Now you have some lovely—and downright delicious—blooms that will lift everyone’s spirits up in no time flat.

Next week, we’ll end our buttercream series with a bang: We’re layering graham crackers with frosting, peanut butter and some yummy chocolate chips!

Until we meet again, we want to hear from you: What other crazy crafts would you make if you had a tub of Cheryl’s frosting and some doughnuts lying around?

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

The Many Uses of Buttercream, Part 5: Frosted Pancake Sandwiches!

November 29, 2012
Frosted Pancake Sandwich

Frosted Pancake Sandwich
Anyone who’s crazy for sugar knows that chocolate chip pancakes don’t quite make the cut on the sweetness scale. They tend to taste a bit dry and bland, and you barely notice the chips inside! If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then we have just what you need to cure your boring-flapjack-induced coma: frosted pancake sandwiches! Best of all, you can make them in as few as three easy steps, so you can get your morning sugar rush even earlier!

Plain Pancakes

Buy a box of your favorite pancake mix, or whip up some fluffy flapjacks from scratch if that’s what your heart desires! Separate the finished batch of pancakes into stacks of two.

Pancakes With Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate Chips

For each stack, lay one of the pancakes on a plate and pipe a layer of buttercream frosting on top of it. You can add as much or as little as you like, and you can use whatever icing flavor strikes your fancy. (We recommend Cheryl’s fudge, vanilla, cinnamon and caramel frosting.)

Place another plain, unfrosted pancake on top of the layer of icing. Add a dollop of whipped cream (or more frosting!) to the top pancake and sprinkle it with your favorite sweet or savory garnish. We paired vanilla frosting with chocolate chips to create a cookies-and-cream sandwich. But you can use powdered sugar, sprinkles, walnuts, almonds, coconut or fruit to make your own flavorful concoction.

Voila! You’re ready to serve the perfect breakfast-slash-dessert medley that will gratify any sweet tooth at the crack of dawn … and the whole day through!

Be sure to pop in next week for our latest buttercream treat: frosted doughnut flowers!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies

The Many Uses of Buttercream, Part 4: Cake Push-Up Pops!

November 19, 2012
Cake Push-Up Pops

Cake Push-Up PopsWe’re kicking off week No. 4 of our buttercream series with a dessert that’s as fun to eat as it is to make: cake push-up pops! Let’s put the pieces of last week’s deconstructed cake back together to create something that’s even more exciting and versatile.

Clear push-up pop containers give you the creative freedom to put your beautiful layers of cake and buttercream icing on display any which way you like. You can fill them with a rainbow of different-colored cake and frosting, and you can make a beautiful DIY stand to serve them to your guests on any occasion. Just follow these super-easy steps and you’ll have a personal-sized dessert that your friends won’t be able to keep their hands off of!

How to Make Cake Push-Up Pops

How to Make Cake Push-Up Pops

  1. Get a ready-made pound cake or Bundt cake in the flavor(s) of your choice and cut it into 1/2-inch thin slices. You can also use a store-bought cake mix to bake a thin layer of cake in a jelly roll pan.
  2. Use the push-up pop container to cut out small, thin circles from the cake.
  3. Start off each cake push-up pop by gently nudging one cake circle into the bottom of the container. Then, pipe a thin layer of the frosting of your choice right on top of the cake layer.
  4. Add a third layer of sprinkles or any other topping you prefer.
  5. Repeat step Nos. 3 and 4, adding layers in order until you’ve reached the top of the push-up pop container. Top off the final layer with any garnish of your liking.

How to Make a DIY Cake Push-Up Pop Stand

How to Make DIY Cake Push-Up Pop Stands

  1. Grab a clear mason jar and tie a cute ribbon around the mouth of the jar. You can also use a drinking glass or a miniature bucket.
  2. Fill the jar with candy-covered chocolate, like M&M’s, or shredded paper filler.
  3. Stick one or two push-up pops into the jar. Create multiple jars and serve them to your guests.

Coming up next week: frosted pancake sandwiches. This is one breakfast-dessert combo you sure don’t want to miss!

Until then, tell us about your creative ideas for cake push-up pops!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Create Your Own

The Many Uses of Buttercream, Part 3: Deconstructed Cake!

November 15, 2012
Deconstructed Cake

Deconstructed Cake

Hello again, frosting aficionados! Last week, we showed you how to turn buttercream frosting into a fantastic fondue dip. Now, we’re giving part three of our buttercream blog series a little modern twist. These days, deconstructed cakes are all the rage: They’re gracing the menus for everything from weddings, to swanky hotel restaurants, to at-home dinner parties.

What is a deconstructed cake, you ask? Basically, it’s breaking down a cake to its essential elements—cake, frosting and toppings—and serving all of the separate parts together as a whole. This allows your guests to enjoy endless flavor combinations … and have fun customizing their cake!

It’s much easier than decorating a cake yourself, and your friends will be chattering about it for days. Here’s how to wow the crowd with a deconstructed cake at your next big bash:

The Cake

Using store-bought cake mix, bake enough cupcakes or cakelets for each of your guests. You can also bake the cake in a jelly roll pan and cut the cake into tiny cubes.

Don’t want to be married to one flavor? Don’t be shy! Bake as many flavors as you like. The more kinds of cake you make, the more creative your guests can get with their dessert. Once the cake has cooled off, place it on a large platter.

The Frosting

Buttercream Frosting for Deconstructed Cake

Display various kinds of buttercream frosting on the platter any which way you prefer: Put the icing in separate tiny cups, or pipe the frosting directly onto the plate. Let your eccentric side run wild; when it comes to showing off your deconstructed cake, anything goes!

Cheryl’s has an infinite selection of buttercream flavors to choose from, like caramel, cinnamon, fudge, mint, peppermint and vanilla. Give your guests a little bit of everything so they can mix and match each cake with their beloved icing flavors. They’ll have more combo options than they’ll know what to do with!

The Trimmings

Toppings for Deconstructed Cake

And finally, the cherry on the cake! Pour any cake toppings of your choice into small shot glasses or miniature spice bowls, and arrange them on the platter next to the cake and frosting.

When picking your toppings, you can go in any direction your imagination takes you: Take the classic route (sprinkles, candy, chocolate chips), go down the exotic path (coconut, fruit, chocolate shavings), or do both!

It’s that simple: In three easy steps, you can turn dessert time into a festival of flavors. Keep an eye out for next week’s buttercream project: cake push pops!

How would you put your own personal touch on your deconstructed cake?