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Fun, Easy and Delicious Ways to Celebrate National Sugar Cookie Day!

July 9, 2013
Carnival Cookies

Carnival Cookies

Happy National Sugar Cookie Day! Today, we honor everyone’s favorite sugar-coated treat. To help you celebrate the sweetness, we came up with a few fun, simple and absolutely scrumptious ways you can enjoy the tastiest sugar cookies of them all: Cheryl’s cutout cookies!

Make Them Pretty With Frosting and Sprinkles

For all you traditionalists out there, whip up a quick and simple sugar cookie snack that allows you to both savor the flavor and express your creativity! All you have to do is get your hands on some rich and delicious buttercream frosting in your favorite flavors, spread it generously over a fresh batch of cookies, and top it all off with colorful sprinkles. With just these three ingredients, the cookie-decorating possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

Stack ’Em High as Cookie Sandwiches

Can’t get enough cookie? For even more sugary sweetness in every bite, take your sugar cookies to new heights by stacking them with layers of buttercream frosting in between. Just lay a cookie flat on your plate, spread some icing on the cookie and lay another cookie right on top. And you don’t have to stop at just two cookies: Keep moving up until your cookie sandwich has reached the towering height you desire. You can make things even more interesting by alternating the frosting flavors between each cookie layer!

Stuff Them up With Ice Cream

A sunny holiday calls for a refreshing sweet treat, so why not pair up your sugar cookies with another summertime favorite: ice cream? Making your own DIY ice cream sandwiches is beyond easy, and they’re a huge hit at any outdoor party. Follow the same steps you took to make the buttercream cookie sandwiches, but replace the frosting layer with a scoop of ice cream. Whether you fill it with classic vanilla or outrageous Rocky Road ice cream, this cool summer treat will make your taste buds scream for more.

Dunk ’Em in Chocolate

Everything tastes better covered in rich, velvety chocolate, and that goes for sugar cookies too! Instead of dipping the usual strawberries in your fondue pot, jazz things up and use Cheryl’s cookies instead. Or, if you’re looking for a really out-of-the-box way to dunk your cookies, check out our blog post on how to make easy icing fondue. Add even more fun to your fondue dessert with delicious toppings like shredded coconut, candy-coated chocolates, crushed peanuts, and more. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a dessert worth celebrating!

How will you enjoy your Cheryl’s cookies on National Sugar Cookie Day?

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Make Dessert Sparkle: Glittery Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bombs

May 17, 2013

Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bombs Served With Sparkling JuiceJust a dash of glitz and glamour can brighten the entire room … and your whole day!

So the next time you’re hosting a lavish dinner at home, bring some razzle-dazzle to your soiree by showering your dessert with sparkles. To help you find the perfect recipe for your party, we gave our buttercream truffles a scintillating makeover with extra edible glitter, fresh ’n’ fancy raspberries, and Cheryl’s delectable cutout cookies. Here’s how to make a delicious treat that really shines!

What You’ll Need

12 Cheryl’s unfrosted cutout cookies

Two tubs Cheryl’s buttercream frosting (any flavor)

30-70 raspberries (30 for truffles, 40 for garnish)

24 ounces semisweet chocolate chips

Edible glitter


Crushed Cheryl's Cookies

  1. First, mix the cutout cookies in a blender until they’ve turned into fine crumbs. If you don’t have a blender, the cookies are so soft that you can simply seal them in a big sandwich bag and crush them by hand! Twelve cookies will yield about 3 cups of cookie crumbs. We split the crumbs into two 1 ½-cup batches so we could make two different flavored truffles.
    Cheryl's Cookies Crumbs Mixed With Cheryl's Fudge Buttercream Frosting
  2. In a large mixing bowl, blend the cookie crumbs and two tubs of room-temperature buttercream frosting in any flavor of your choice. Since we split the cookie crumbs into two bowls of 1 ½ cups crumbs each, we used one tub of fudge buttercream frosting in one bowl, and one tub of vanilla buttercream frosting in the other. Stir until the crumbs and frosting are well-combined. Cool the mixture in the freezer for a half hour.
    How to Wrap a Raspberry With Cheryl's Cookie-Icing Truffle Mix
  3. Once the cookie-frosting combo is nice and chilly, take it out of the fridge. Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and roll it into a ball, then flatten it out into a disk with your palms. Wrap the cookie-buttercream disk all the way around a raspberry and roll it into a ball again. Repeat this step until you’ve used up all of your cookie-buttercream mix. Two tubs of frosting will yield about 30 truffles. Chill the truffles in the freezer for another half hour.
    Rasperry Filling in Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bombs
  4. Pour 24 ounces of semisweet chocolate chips into a bowl and melt them in the microwave for 2 minutes, making sure to stop and stir the chocolate every 30 seconds. Once the chocolate is completely melted and smooth, take the truffles out of the refrigerator and use a fork to individually dip them into the chocolate. Set them on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper, and then sprinkle them with lots of edible glitter (or any other sparkly topping you might like) before the chocolate cools. Pop them in the freezer one last time for a half hour or until the chocolate hardens.

Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Truffles

For an elegant presentation that’ll make your truffles look even more radiant, serve them on a shimmery cake platter alongside some champagne or sparkling juice. Don’t forget to drop a couple of raspberries into each champagne glass; they’ll look like brilliant little jewels for your drinks!

Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Bombs

What other kinds of glitzy desserts would you make for your sparkle-me-pretty soiree?

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5 Totally Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 29, 2013
Pina Cookie Lada

Pina Cookie LadaMom never stops giving her family all she’s got, so why not surprise her on Mother’s Day with a gift that’ll keep on giving back to her? A fresh batch of Cheryl’s cookies beautifully arranged in a fun, reusable package is a doubly sweet gift idea: The scrumptious treats will make her tummy happy, and the handy container will make her life easy. Here are five totally practical Mother’s Day presents that’ll last long after the cookies are gone!

Mother's Day Watering Can Cookie FlowersPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 1: Mother’s Day Watering Can Cookie Flowers

Any mom with a green thumb will love this one: Treat her to a dozen yummy flower-shaped cookies and help her keep her real-life flowers looking great! This sugary arrangement comes in a pretty metal watering can that your mama can use to water her garden. Or, she can turn it into a vase for fresh flowers and display it as a centerpiece on her dining room table!

Island MargaritaPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 2: Island Margarita

If anyone in the world deserves a delicious island getaway, it’s your hard-working mama. Aside from overflowing with tropical flavored buttercream frosted cookies, this durable plastic margarita glass also makes the ultimate party accessory. Next time your mom throws a BBQ bash, she can use the oversized glass to serve drinks or appetizers. Here’s a fun serving tip: For a chic hors d’oeuvre, Mom can hook shrimp along the entire rim of the glass and fill the center with cocktail sauce for dipping.

Spring Ceramic Basket Cutout CookiesPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 3: Spring Ceramic Basket Cutout Cookies

This gorgeous keepsake ceramic basket doesn’t just hold 12 of Cheryl’s world-famous frosted cutout cookies. With a little imagination, it has tons of potential uses around the home! Mom can use it to serve bread or dessert at the dinner table, or organize small items like silverware or craft supplies. It’ll help keep Mom’s home tidy and add a refreshing spring touch to her décor for years to come!

Spring BasketPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 4: Spring Basket

Packed to the brim with frosted cut-out cookies, snack-size brownies, sweet pretzel clusters and butter shortbread cookies, this pretty-in-pink basket is infinitely functional. Use these tips on packing the perfect picnic basket and head out for a Mom-and-me lunch in the sun, or check out these 30 different uses for baskets from for even more savvy ideas!

Large Mother's Day Cookie and Candy Flower PotPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 5: Large Mother’s Day Cookie and Candy Flower Pot

This tasty bouquet of Cheryl’s buttercream-frosted cookies and candy sits in a metal bucket that’s not only cute as a button, but also super-efficient! Mama will have a blast discovering all the different ways she can use it indoors or outside. She can fill it with ice and turn it into a mini cooler for drinks, pack it with soil and convert it into a flower pot, or make it a caddy for anything from gardening tools to kitchen utensils.

So which practical Mother’s Day gift will you be surprising your mom with, and how will she use it to simplify her life?

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Pack up the Perfect Picnic Basket for National Picnic Day

April 19, 2013
Large Spring Treats Basket

Large Spring Treats Basket

National Picnic Day is on April 23, so skip the kitchen table and head outside for an al fresco meal instead! With sweet bursts of sunlight and plenty of fresh green grass to lie out in, spring is the absolute best time to have an outdoor picnic. Not sure what to pack? Small, easy-to-handle individual servings are the way to go. Here are some of our favorite picnic recipes, plus a handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget any essentials for your perfect basket.

Picnic Basket Recipe Ideas


Stawberry Kiwi Champagne Punch

A refreshing day outside calls for a cool, delicious, thirst-quenching drink. Start off your picnic with an ice-cold and perfectly portable punch that’ll get everyone excited. The party experts at have tons of picnic punch recipes that can double as drinks for kids and adults. Once you’ve stirred up your favorite recipe, just separate it into two thermoses: Add alcohol to one container for the adults, and keep the alcohol-free version in the other thermos for the kiddos.


Bacon Salad Singles

No need to drag along a gigantic salad bowl that barely fits in your picnic basket. These mini Bacon Salad Singles from are delicious, and they’re made for you to eat by hand—no forks necessary! (Oh, and the bacon is definitely a plus!) Just roll them up, individually cover them in plastic wrap, and hand them out to everyone at the picnic as a fuss-free appetizer.

Main Course

Avocado and Tomato Finger Sandwiches

Keeping the bite-sized theme going, why not pack a variety of tiny, separately wrapped sandwiches as the main event of your picnic? Your family and friends will love being able to sample all the different flavors of these scrumptious finger sandwich recipes from the pros at But they aren’t just fun and easy to eat; they’re also really simple to make ahead of time, so you can spend less time prepping in the kitchen and more time soaking up the sun!


Spring Treats Basket

What could be a handier—or tastier—treat than a batch of fresh, unbelievably soft cookies? Yep, we can’t think of anything more picnic-friendly either! The beauty of these Cheryl’s cookie baskets isn’t just the delectably tiny treats that your picnic guests are sure to devour within minutes. They also come in a gorgeous picnic basket that you can use to pack all your food and supplies! Both the cookies and the basket are delivered straight to your doorstep, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time baking or shopping for the perfect picnic basket.

Checklist: What to Pack in Your Picnic Basket

Now that you have your entire picnic menu figured out, here are a few last-minute items to throw in your basket before you head out the door:

  • Napkins and paper towels
  • Blanket
  • Thermos
  • Ice packs
  • Disposable cups, plates and utensils
  • Extra food containers and aluminum foil for leftovers

Will you be going out for a picnic to celebrate National Picnic Day? Tell us where your favorite picnic spot is!

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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids: Throw a Milk and Cookies Party!

February 28, 2013
Milk and Cookies Party

Milk and Cookies PartyTired of looking for new ways to bake the same old birthday cake? Keep things simple with a cookies and milk party! Here are some fresh and fun birthday party ideas for kids, using their favorite snack time treat.

DIY Milk and Cookies Party Banner

Milk and Cookies Party Sign With Tissue Paper Flowers

Start off your milk and cookies party with a bang: This larger-than life banner will have the kiddies (and the adults) running straight to the dessert table! And the best part is it’s so surprisingly simple to make that your birthday boy can help you make it! Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Print out this milk and cookies banner template and carefully cut out the letters.
  2. Glue the letters onto square pieces of cardstock or construction paper. We chose a red, white and black theme, but your guest of honor can pick out his own favorite colors!
  3. Using miniature clothespins, hang each word onto a separate piece of twine, making sure the letters are spaced out evenly. You can find the clothespins and twine at any local craft store.
  4. Hang the banner up on the wall behind your table. Use adhesive tape so you don’t damage your wall!
  5. Follow this tutorial and make two beautiful tissue paper flowers that coordinate with your banner, and then attach them to the wall with adhesive tape too.

Presto: Your super-cool signage is ready! Now it’s time to start setting up.

Chalkboard Party Hats

Chalkboard Party Hats

The celebration doesn’t start until everyone is in full party attire, so make some fun DIY accessories that guests of all ages can wear! You can make these totally cute, totally customizable chalkboard party hats in mere minutes, but they’ll keep the kids entertained for hours. Just take some plain old paper party hats and use a foam brush to coat them with two thin layers of chalkboard paint. Once the paint has dried, your little partygoers can grab some chalk and create their own one-of-a-kind designs. Then, all you need is a damp paper towel to wipe the hats clean and start a new drawing from scratch. We doodled a cute cookie-themed message onto our hats to keep the party vibe going.

Milk Mustaches

Milk Mustaches Made With White Chocolate

Kids just can’t have a milk and cookies party without some adorable milk mustaches. So we used these mustache candy molds and a bag of white chocolate chips to whip up some edible mustache lollipops! Making them is effortless. Just put the white chocolate in a bowl and melt it in the microwave. (Make sure you stir the chocolate every 20 seconds so it doesn’t burn.) Pour the melted chocolate into the molds and place lollipop sticks into the molds’ slots. Then, let the ’staches cool off in the fridge for a few minutes until they harden. We served ours in a pretty champagne glass and labeled it with a DIY chalkboard coaster, which was just as easy to make as the party hats.

These milk mustaches aren’t just delicious; they also make awesome photo props! Get some great shots of your little one and his party guests by setting up a fun photo booth session. Grab a camera and check out for more mustache photo booth ideas.

Cookie Platter

Milk and Cookies Party Kit

And now for the most important part of the birthday menu: the cookies! The Cheryl’s Milk and Cookies Treats Box comes packed with all the goodies you need to fill your guests’ tummies: crunchy chocolate chip cookies, layered chocolate sandwich cookies, bite-sized brownies, buttercream-frosted cutout cookies, and more. Plus, they come in an oh-so-sweet milk carton box that you can add to your tabletop décor. The milk and cookies kit comes in vanilla and chocolate varieties, so your honored guest can pick his favorite flavor!

Milk Shooters

Milk Shooters Dipped in Chocolate and Sprinkles

Some ice-cold milk will help the tots wash down all those scrumptious treats, but they can have tons of fun with it too. These milk shooters are the perfect size for little hands to hold, and they’re topped with a sugary surprise. To make them, melt some milk chocolate in a bowl and then fill another bowl with colorful sprinkles. Dip the rim of each shot glass into the melted chocolate, and then dip it right into the sprinkles. Place the glasses upside-down on a cookie sheet and chill them in the refrigerator until the chocolate hardens.

When they’re ready, fill the shooters with different milk flavors, like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The chocolate on the rim will give the milk an extra-yummy taste, and the sprinkles will create a fun tie-dye color when it falls into the glass!

Cookies-to-Go Party Favors

Cookie Bags Decorated With Cutout Borders, Twine, and Cutout Labels

When the party’s over and your birthday boy’s guests are ready to head back home, give them a little piece of the celebration to take with them. We made these charming favor bags in a snap! Just fill a mini white candy bag with a few cookies, and then trim the edge of the bag with a border punch. Then, fold the top of the bag down about an inch.

Use a flower-shaped paper punch and cardstock to cut out a label for the bag, and then use a regular hole-puncher to punch a hole into one of the petals of the flower. With a permanent marker, write a personal message on the label.

Finally, cut a piece of twine that’s about 26 inches long and tie it vertically around the entire candy bag. When you’re tying the bow, make sure to tie the label onto the bag by sewing the twine through the label’s hole. Now you’re ready to hand out your delicious take-home snacks!

Will you be hosting a cookies and milk party for your kid this year? Tell us all about the fun birthday activities you’re planning!

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How to Make a Last-Minute DIY Cookie Jar

February 19, 2013
DIY Cookie Jar

DIY Cookie JarYour best friend is in town, and she just invited herself over for an impromptu coffee date. You’re excited about your long overdue catch-up sesh, but you don’t have enough time to throw together a jaw-dropping dessert buffet. Don’t freak out! You can still give your BFF the sweet welcome she deserves with items that are already stashed in your closet. Just break out some readymade cookies (everyone loves them, and they don’t require any baking!) and serve them in style with this last-minute DIY cookie jar. You’ll have an uber-chic—and super-scrumptious—treat ready in mere minutes!

What You’ll Need

Small cake platter
Large round vase
Small dish


How to Turn a Cake Platter, Vase, and Plate Into a DIY Cookie JarWith so many beautiful cake platters, vases and dishes lying around your house, it’s easy to mix and match different pieces to get a totally unique DIY cookie jar. Once you’ve gathered your glassware, the hardest part is already over! Painless, right? Now, all you have to do is stack the pieces together to assemble the cookie jar. Place the cake stand on the table, and sit the round vase right on top of the cake stand. (Make sure it fits snugly onto the cake stand so it doesn’t wiggle around.)

Then, fill the vase with cookies and cover the mouth of the vase with the small plate. The round base of the plate should be slightly smaller than the mouth of the vase. That way, the plate can fit on top of the vase just like a lid. The rim of the plate should extend past the mouth of the vase, making it easy to remove and replace the “lid” as needed.

You’re done! Place a few cookies on top of the plate to give your friend a sneak peek at the mouthwatering treats that await her in the cookie jar!

Now you can spend more time filling in your BFF on all your latest news instead of scrambling to make an over-the-top display of sweets!

What other DIY tricks do you like to use when you have to serve a last-minute dessert?

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Get Well Soon Cookies: Just What the Doctor Ordered!

February 15, 2013
Get Well Soon Fancy Cookie Gift

Get Well Soon Fancy Cookie GiftWith flu season in full swing, chances are someone you know has caught the bug. Looking for a get well soon gift that’ll get your sickly friend back on her feet in no time? You know what Mary Poppins used to say: A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down! And scrumptious Cheryl’s buttercream-frosted cookies are just what the doctor ordered. Put some pep back into your loved one’s step with these three sugar-coated pick-me-ups.

Mrs Beasley's Get Well Soon GiftThe Survival Kit

This is one house call your friend won’t want to turn away! The Mrs. Beasley’s Get Well Soon Gift features a sweet selection of gourmet lemon tea cakes, mini chocolate-dipped orange cakes, chocolate truffles and buttercream-frosted cookies, all tucked into an adorable box that’s shaped like a medical briefcase. Plus, it has the perfect remedies for any ailment: cure-all chicken noodle soup mix, throat-soothing lemon drops, and calming Earl Grey tea. No prescription could bring a smile to your friends face like this feel-good gift!

Get Well Cookie Flower PotA Sugary Bouquet

If your pal’s nose is stuffed to the max and she doesn’t feel like stopping to smell the roses, why not give her a get-well bouquet that she can eat instead? No arrangement is tastier than the Get Well Cookie Flower Pot! These hand-decorated shortbread cookies are artfully displayed in a beautiful (and reusable!) silver pail, just like a real bouquet. But they certainly won’t last as long as real flowers; your BFF will gobble them right up, putting her well on the road to recovery!

Get Well Chocolate Chip CookieBetter Than a Get-Well-Soon Card

Forget the typical greeting card with the cookie-cutter sentiments. If you really want to brighten up our gal pal’s sick day, send her a truly sweet note with a giant Get Well Chocolate Chip Cookie instead. It takes Cheryl’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe to larger-than-life proportions, and it gets its message across loud and clear with rich, revitalizing buttercream frosting. With a well wish like this, your friend won’t be under the weather for long!

What other kinds of get-well-soon gifts do you like to send to your friend when she’s ill?

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Throw a Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating Party With the Cheryl’s Cookie Kit!

February 7, 2013
Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Party

Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Party

The day of love is finally upon us, so give Cupid the sweet welcome he deserves and throw a Valentine’s Day cookie decorating party! Cheryl’s Valentine’s Day Cutout Cookie Kit comes complete with everything you need for your big V-Day bash; plus, everything is delivered to your door, so there’s no need to trudge to the supermarket for your ingredients.

Each kit contains 24 prebaked heart-shaped cookies, two tubs of Cheryl’s world-famous frosting (in vanilla and fudge flavors), and one container with six assorted Valentine’s Day–themed sprinkles. All you have to do is set the table, gather some friends and family, and get down to business! Here are our tips for throwing a charming Valentine’s Day cookie decorating party with your handy kit.

Place Setting

Place Setting for Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating PartyWhen it comes to decorating cookies, the messier it gets the better! To keep cleanup time to a minimum, keep your place setting as simple as possible. Plain white plates make the color of your cookies pop, and a no-fuss glitter napkin ring adds some effortless bling. No need for any excess décor!

Instead of giving each guest a fancy spreader for the icing, go with plastic knives instead: They get the job done, and you can chuck ’em in the garbage when the party’s over. To pretty them up, just wrap some inexpensive twine around the handles.

For a quick festive touch, pour some strawberry milk into a mason jar. If you don’t like the taste of strawberry milk but still want to keep the pink theme going, just use regular milk and stir one drop of red food coloring into each glass. Finally, candy-striped straws nicely round out the overall laid-back and whimsical vibe of your sweet soiree.


Plate of Cheryl's Heart-Shaped Cutout CookiesAnd now for the main event: the cookies! The best thing about Cheryl’s Valentine’s Day kit is that the oh-so-soft and delicious cutout cookies are already baked, so the hard work has already been done for you. Just remove them from the individual wrappers and arrange them on a large red plate. You’re ready to go! We used a rustic-chic DIY chalkboard coaster to label the cookies and complement the twine used in the place setting.


Labeled Frosting for Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating PartyA cookie decorating party wouldn’t be quite as fun—or delicious—without some downright scrumptious icing. Your kit is already equipped with Cheryl’s smooth, rich and creamy vanilla and chocolate frosting. But for even more decorating options, you can order an extra tub of strawberry frosting (or any other flavors your taste buds desire). And since each kind of icing has its own personality, show them off in mixed-’n’-matched white bowls or cups. Then, label each bowl for your guests using a few more chalkboard coasters. It’ll give your table an adorably shabby yet put-together look.


Sprinkles for Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating PartyThese festive little bits of sugar add a kiss of cuteness to your Valentine’s Day cookies. To dress up your sprinkles for the occasion, pour them into individual spice bowls and prop them up on sturdy glitter cupcake wrappers. Keep them organized by grouping them on a DIY chalkboard cheese board and labeling them. To finish the look, bring even more homespun elegance to your setup with these handmade tissue paper roses and popcorn hearts, or create them with your guests for some extra DIY fun!


Decorated Cheryl's Valentine's Day CookiesIt’s the time you’ve all been waiting for. … Dig in! Grab your cookies and your trimmings and make your own sweet Valentine’s Day creations. There’s no limit to what you can do, so be adventurous! You and your guests will have a blast showing off your cookie-decorating skills and swapping your heart-shaped treats. Oh, and let’s not forget the best part of all: eating!

The fun doesn’t have to stop with cookies. You can use your frosting and sprinkles to put some V-Day cheer on all sorts of goodies. What other kinds of snacks will you be decorating with your Valentine’s Day cutout cookie kit?

Cheryl's Cookies and Brownies

5 Thoughtful Military Care Package Ideas

October 17, 2012
Cheryl's Classic Dessert Tray Grand

Protecting our country is no easy task for those who are in the service, especially when they have to spend so much time away from home. The Cheryl’s family knows that a thoughtful care package is just the right pick-me-up a soldier needs to hang tough through a tour of duty. For that reason, we make it easy to send care packages for soldiers by offering free shipping to APO/FPO addresses. Any time you buy qualified Cheryl’s cookies and snack gift boxes for your special military man or woman, shipping costs are automatically deducted from your order when you enter the APO or FPO address—no codes necessary! To help you put together the perfect “I’m always thinking of you” gift, we’ve rounded up a list of five love-filled military care package ideas, each with a different theme … and a delectable Cheryl’s treat to match!

Birthday Fun Fancy Cookie GiftMilitary Care Package Theme No. 1: Birthday in a Box
Just because your favorite cadet is overseas it doesn’t mean they can’t have some birthday fun! Throw them a party from afar by sending them these cheerful presents:

Autumn Cookie Gifts - Frosted CookiesMilitary Care Package Theme No. 2: Thanksgiving Feast
Give your soldier a comforting taste of home—and give thanks for their service—by mailing them a complete Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Canned turkey
  • Instant mashed potatoes and readymade gravy
  • Canned corn and dried cranberries
  • Cheryl’s Autumn Cookie Gifts – Frosted Cookies
  • Cornucopia*
    *Tip: Fill the cornucopia with cutout construction paper leaves; notes about why you are thankful for that person; photos; Thanksgiving decorations; and scented candles.

Notre Dame Cookie GiftMilitary Care Package Theme No. 3: Sunday Night Football
Know a pigskin-loving trooper? Bring the game to them by packing up their favorite football party essentials:

  • Beef jerky, peanuts, popcorn, chips and dip
  • Cheryl’s Notre Dame Cookie Gift
  • Nonalcoholic beer and a mug
  • Sports magazine and a game highlights DVD
  • Team pennants and a football

Sweet Baby Treats Gift TinMilitary Care Package Theme No. 4: With Love, From the Kids
Little ones can give support to their heroes, too! Military mommies and daddies won’t miss a moment of their children’s lives when they receive these kid-friendly gifts:

Cheryl's Classic Dessert Tray GrandMilitary Care Package Theme No. 5: Snack Attack
At ease, soldier! Give your loved one a well-deserved break with these tasty munchies, which can be easily shared with the entire crew:

  • Cereal, peanut butter, doughnuts and muffins
  • Chips, popcorn, nuts, pretzels and crackers
  • Cheryl’s Classic Dessert Tray Grand
  • Gum and hard candy
  • Instant coffee, hot cocoa and lemonade/iced tea mix

Do you have a loved one in the U.S. military? What kinds of care packages do you send them to lift their spirits?

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Treat Your Kids to Cookies This Halloween!

October 10, 2012
Witch Hat

Witch HatWith so many glowing Jack-o-lanterns and creepy goblins haunting the streets, Halloween is the best time to let a kid’s imagination run wild. So why limit your children’s Halloween treats to boring store-bought candy? Sweeten up the holiday with some Halloween cookies instead: Cheryl’s has so many fun, festive snacks that are certain to give your little ones a scary good time, no matter where they are. Here are a few ways you can make cookies a part of your kids’ Halloween celebration:

Halloween Treats Gift BagHand out Cookies to Tick-or-Treaters
When all of those little witches and mummies come knocking at your door for the sweet stuff, treat them to Halloween cookies instead of candy. Your kids will have loads of fun helping you give out Cheryl’s wickedly delicious buttercream-frosted ghost cookies and pumpkin cookies. They’re individually wrapped, so it’s easy to drop them into any trick-or-treater’s candy bag or bucket. Get the Halloween Party Pack, and your house will become the trick-or-treating hot spot of the neighborhood! For those of you DIY-ers who want to dress up your hand-me-outs, find some inspiration with these easy and inexpensive Halloween treat bag ideas from

Reward your helpers with their very own Halloween Treats Gift Bags. These Trick or Treat Bagbone-chilling pouches are filled with a buttercream-frosted cutout cookie, pretzel clusters, a mini brownie, a chocolate sandwich cookie and, of course, a ghoulish ghost cookie. Your kids will gobble them right up! Gear up your youngsters for their own trick-or-treating masquerade by creating your own Cheryl’s trick-or-treat totes. Just choose from three boo-tiful bag designs and fill them up with any combination of Cheryl’s cookies and brownies you please. Your kids will have everything they need to spread some fright on Halloween night!

Halloween Cutout Cookie KitHost a Spooky Cookie Decorating Party
Share goose bumps and giggles by gathering the kids around the fireplace for some scary ghost stories and tasty Halloween treats. Throwing a Halloween cookie decorating party for the kiddos and their friends is easy; all you need are a few fun Halloween party planning ideas for children and the right supplies to set the eerie mood.

With Cheryl’s Halloween Cutout Cookie Kit, you get all the essential ingredients for decorating your very own ghost cookies and pumpkin cookies. If your kids love Halloween cookies with a kick of spice, try making skeleton cookies with the Halloween Gingerbread Cookie Kit. Every kit comes ready with 24 unfrosted cookies, a 1-pound tub each of vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting, and a container of Halloween sprinkles. You don’t even have to turn on your oven; just break open the box and watch the little ones bring their spooky creations to life. has even more Halloween cookie decorating party ideas, so check them out and start frosting!

Halloween Gift Tin TowerBring Halloween Cookies to the School Party
You don’t have to go batty baking five different desserts the night before the school Halloween party. Instead, surprise everyone with scrumptious Halloween cookies that your kids’ classmates will devour faster than you can say “Frankenstein.” Cheryl’s Halloween Gift Tin Tower is brimming with fresh buttercream-frosted cookies, butter shortbread cookies, gourmet cookies, chocolate sandwich cookies, fudge brownies, and chocolate-covered pretzels. Plus, the gigantic stack of festive containers will bewitch students and teachers alike! For a smaller class, the Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookie will cast an equally powerful spell on hungry tummies.

Before your frightfully tasty Halloween cookies take the classroom by storm, consider bringing these kid-friendly Halloween DVDs to the party along with your treats. There are dozens of ways you can help your kids and their teacher celebrate Halloween at school—take a look at these ideas from!

How do you and your kids plan on celebrating Halloween with cookies? Tell us your ideas!