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Holiday Entertaining with Cheryl’s

November 29, 2011

Welcome back cookie & brownie fans!

The Holiday season has officially started! That means, buying presents, decorating your home, sending out greeting cards, and the always festive holiday party. While it’s the most wonderful time of year, it’s also the most stressful, so let Cheryl’s help take some of the work off your plate (well, put something better on them!)

Mrs. Beasleys chocolate frosting bundt cake Cheryls
On Wednesday, November 15, the whole Cheryl’s family worked together to be the shining star of our media Holiday party at our Los Angeles Mrs. Beasley’s location. Top tier media guests and influential bloggers such as Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Rockin’ Mama, Romy Raves, Santa Monica Times, The Recessionista and more joined us for an evening of gourmet cookies, delectable cakes, brownies, and festive Holiday trends and tips provided by expert Rachel Hollis (“I Do Over”). And lucky you! We’re sharing some of them here.

A couple of great decorating tips for your Holiday party can be done easily and without breaking budget! Transform your space into a trendy holiday winter wonderland by repurposing things you already have. Hollis placed candied almonds within decorative champagne glasses and laid them out on the dessert table. She also repurposed the gift boxes featured within a Cheryl’s cookies holiday gift tower to create a festive tiered plated dessert tray, and used candle holders to place the Miss Grace famed bundt cakes, along with other dessert creations. These tips make for a fun, festive, and creative way to display all that your Holiday party has to offer (and we know your friends will be marveled by your ingenious skills).

Cheryls truffle cookie milk snowmen Another key feature of the event came from an entertaining trend quickly gaining momentum, especially around Holiday entertaining: having a festive dessert table for guests, and a designated kid’s dessert table. For the main dessert table, Hollis incorporated her festively fun Holiday entertaining ideas such as the repurposed champagne glasses, candle holders, and Cheryl’s cookie gift tower plates. For the children’s holiday dessert table, Hollis used desserts from Cheryl’s, Mrs. Beasley’s, and Miss Grace to create delicious elements for children (and adults!) to enjoy. She placed Cheryl’s mini brownies on popsicle sticks, created milk jars with snow man heads using Mrs. Beasley’s famous truffle cookies, and added a child’s touch of décor to Cheryl’s buttercream frosted snowflake cookies. It was certainly a fun and deliciously festive time for all!

No need to fret about all the Holiday entertaining duties you’ve given yourself this Holiday season. With Cheryl’s family of desserts, we make Holiday Entertaining a breeze. Try out some of our tips and tricks this Holiday for a fun time guaranteed!

Check us out on Facebook to see more of our Holiday Entertaining party pictures!

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Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Thanksgiveaway

November 10, 2011

Welcome back Cheryl’s fans!

November is the time for crisp air, golden leaves, warm nights inside, and Thanksgiving! It’s the holiday that’s sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas and usually gets forgotten about, though I can’t imagine why. Sure, you don’t get to dress up in costume and get free candy for a day, no one really writes songs about it, and you don’t get presents, but there is a lot more to Thanksgiving than we give it credit for.

Thanksgiving is the time to spend with family and friends and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life and theirs. It’s an excuse to get everyone together over a good meal and catch up on what’s going on. Thanksgiving allows you to celebrate all that you have, without getting stuck on presents or what you did and didn’t receive this year. We should all appreciate Thanksgiving a bit more and treat the holiday as it should be treated, without letting it get lost between old pumpkins and giant display ornaments!

Personally, I love Thanksgiving. I love everything about Thanksgiving right down to the wishbone! I have such a large family with my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, friends of family, all of their kids…you get the picture. We try to get together as much as we can so that we don’t lose touch, but holidays like Thanksgiving guarantee that we can all spend at least one day together, and impress each other with a chosen dish we’ve decided to make and bring to Thanksgiving dinner. One of my uncles and my grandma will usually take turns making the turkey, one of my aunts has the best mashed potatoes and potato salad I’ve ever tasted, and my mom is usually trying out new recipes and dishes each year so I’ll just have to wait and see what it is. This year, I’m sure I’ll get some praise when I bring over some Cheryl’s Thanksgiving cookies for my whole family to try…

All of this is why we’re happy to be doing our Thanksgiveaway Thanksgiving Sweepstakes for all of our fans! We just want to say thanks for sticking with us as fans, customers, and friends. We know that none of what we do would matter without all of your support. So join in the fun and let us show you how thankful we are that you are our fans! Our Thanksgiving Thanksgiveaway Sweepstakes will go on each Thankful Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving, where you could win our new Thanksgiving turkey cookie greeting.

Good friends, good fans, and good cookies: that’s a lot to be thankful for!

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Mrs. Beasley’s Basket giveaway!

May 23, 2011
Mrs. Beasley's Medium Summertime Basket

Mrs. Beasley's Medium Summertime Basket

In celebration of our BIG Mrs. Beasley’s Special Offer this week, we want to give away one of our NEW Mrs. Beasley’s gift baskets!

Never tried Mrs. Beasley’s delectable desserts? Well, now is your chance!

This gift basket includes Mrs. Beasley’s fabulous chocolate truffle cookies (definitely an office favorite around here), assorted mini tea cakes and Cheryl’s snack sized crunchy cookies, brownies and buttercream frosted cookies – the best of both baking families in one festive gift basket!

 To enter, all you need to do is tell us, in 1-2 paragraphs, what your favorite Memorial Day Picnic dessert is and why.

And the winners are….

Winner #1: Post #19 Written By Jamie S. on May 25, 2011 at 8:18 pm
Winner #2: Post #7 Written By Sandy A on  May 23, 2011 at 10:51 pm
Winner #3: Post #15 Written By FaithJ on May 24, 2011 at 2:41 pm
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Notes from the Test Kitchen

March 30, 2011

The test kitchen at Cheryl’s is always busy—and especially this spring.  As you may have heard, we recently joined with Mrs. Beasley’s Bakery and Miss Grace Cakes—bakers of high quality cakes and cookies in Hollywood CA.  We will be using their original recipes to bake all the delicious products at our bakery in Westerville Ohio, so we are working hard in the test kitchen to make sure all the products are as moist, flavorful and yummy as always.  It is an exciting time as we taste all their wonderful products and begin our development work.  I want to introduce you to their products:

Miss Grace Lemon Cake
Miss Grace Lemon Cake

Miss Grace is famous for their bundt cakes and mini-bundt cakes called Gracelets.  The 4 flavors are lemon, orange, chocolate with nuts and chocolate fudge.  I think what really sets the lemon and orange cakes apart and makes them so special are the glazes—they are literally drenched in glaze made with lemon or orange juice and zest.  This gives the cakes a bright, fresh citrus flavor. The chocolate fudge cakes, available with or without California walnuts, are hand-dipped in chocolatey glaze, which imparts flavor as well as giving the cakes a beautiful appearance. The texture of all the cakes is soft, tender and moist.

Mrs. Beasley’s is well-known in Hollywood for their baskets—loaded with teacakes, brownies and their amazing Truffle cookies.  The teacakes are very moist and flavorful; we will be baking carrot, lemon, pistachio and chocolate.  The baskets will also feature Cheryl’s brownies and cookies.

Mrs. Beasley's Large Snack Gift Basket
Mrs. Beasley’s Large Snack Gift Basket

The truffle cookies are extremely popular with the Mrs. Beasley customers (as well as everyone who tastes them here in the test kitchen!).  This cookie is dense, very chocolatey and melt-in-the-mouth good.  It reminds me of a cross between a chocolate truffle candy and a brownie.  The dough ball is rolled in a generous amount of powdered sugar and then baked inside a little muffin cup—this helps to keep the shape while baking.  Wait until you try one—you will love it too!

I have to go and test Miss Grace Lemon Cakes now……what a great job!
Happy Spring,
Cheryl’s Product Development Chef