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Send Your Smart Cookies Some Love at College

August 7, 2014

Your scholar may have moved into their newly decorated dorms, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still reminiscing about family vacations and movie nights! Surprise them with a care package that lets them know they’re near at heart, no matter how far in distance they may be.

When compiling the perfect care package for your special someone, keep in mind their unique personalities as well as their living habits. When picking out the ideal food products for your care package, keep in mind durability and shelf life. For example, Cheryl’s cookies arrive individually packaged and can be frozen for up to 6 months – the key here is the perfect balance of freshness, flavor, and convenience!

Here are 4 unique homemade care package ideas and themes to help inspire and educate:

Box of Sunshine


Who can help but smile when they receive a box full of bright, happy sunshine?! This idea featured on Happy Money Saver is simple; just stick to vibrant, yellow products (sunflower buttercream cookies, anyone?) and throw in a few sunshine-themed cut-outs and confetti to add some serious smile to their day!

Stationery Package


A message posted on a Facebook wall is nice, but there’s nothing quite like the feeling one gets when opening a handwritten letter from the ones they love. Give your special scholar a hand with keeping in touch by surprising them with all of the fixins they need to become pros of the written word with a unique stationery-filled care package like this one featured by Ann Marie Loves.

College Dorm Survival Cake


A college survival care package filled with all of the necessities for dorm life– from school supplies to shower gear – is a great way to give them a head start on college living. Lyah Designs put a fun twist on this classic care package by turning it into a unique “cake!”

Study Break Package


Between getting acclimated to living on their own to late-night cram sessions, those students could sure use a break! Surprise them with a fun and snack-filled care package with this Study Break Package idea featured at In MomoPause. Include your scholar’s favorite treats, energy drinks, and entertainment choices (music gift cards, card games, DVDs) for the ultimate gift to keep them going when the going gets tough.

Cheryl's Cookies and Brownies

5 Thoughtful Military Care Package Ideas

October 17, 2012
Cheryl's Classic Dessert Tray Grand

Protecting our country is no easy task for those who are in the service, especially when they have to spend so much time away from home. The Cheryl’s family knows that a thoughtful care package is just the right pick-me-up a soldier needs to hang tough through a tour of duty. For that reason, we make it easy to send care packages for soldiers by offering free shipping to APO/FPO addresses. Any time you buy qualified Cheryl’s cookies and snack gift boxes for your special military man or woman, shipping costs are automatically deducted from your order when you enter the APO or FPO address—no codes necessary! To help you put together the perfect “I’m always thinking of you” gift, we’ve rounded up a list of five love-filled military care package ideas, each with a different theme … and a delectable Cheryl’s treat to match!

Birthday Fun Fancy Cookie GiftMilitary Care Package Theme No. 1: Birthday in a Box
Just because your favorite cadet is overseas it doesn’t mean they can’t have some birthday fun! Throw them a party from afar by sending them these cheerful presents:

Autumn Cookie Gifts - Frosted CookiesMilitary Care Package Theme No. 2: Thanksgiving Feast
Give your soldier a comforting taste of home—and give thanks for their service—by mailing them a complete Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Canned turkey
  • Instant mashed potatoes and readymade gravy
  • Canned corn and dried cranberries
  • Cheryl’s Autumn Cookie Gifts – Frosted Cookies
  • Cornucopia*
    *Tip: Fill the cornucopia with cutout construction paper leaves; notes about why you are thankful for that person; photos; Thanksgiving decorations; and scented candles.

Notre Dame Cookie GiftMilitary Care Package Theme No. 3: Sunday Night Football
Know a pigskin-loving trooper? Bring the game to them by packing up their favorite football party essentials:

  • Beef jerky, peanuts, popcorn, chips and dip
  • Cheryl’s Notre Dame Cookie Gift
  • Nonalcoholic beer and a mug
  • Sports magazine and a game highlights DVD
  • Team pennants and a football

Sweet Baby Treats Gift TinMilitary Care Package Theme No. 4: With Love, From the Kids
Little ones can give support to their heroes, too! Military mommies and daddies won’t miss a moment of their children’s lives when they receive these kid-friendly gifts:

Cheryl's Classic Dessert Tray GrandMilitary Care Package Theme No. 5: Snack Attack
At ease, soldier! Give your loved one a well-deserved break with these tasty munchies, which can be easily shared with the entire crew:

  • Cereal, peanut butter, doughnuts and muffins
  • Chips, popcorn, nuts, pretzels and crackers
  • Cheryl’s Classic Dessert Tray Grand
  • Gum and hard candy
  • Instant coffee, hot cocoa and lemonade/iced tea mix

Do you have a loved one in the U.S. military? What kinds of care packages do you send them to lift their spirits?