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Score a Touchdown with these Tailgating Tips

August 21, 2014

From concerts to sporting events, there’s always a good time to tailgate! Make your tailgate a fun and flawless event with these simple tips and ideas.

football-cookies-tailgating-tipsFreeze water bottles for chilled food AND drinks. Pop several water bottles in the freezer the night before. The next day while packing your cooler, use the frozen water bottles as ice packs! Throughout the day, the water bottles will defrost, leaving your tailgate party a refreshingly cool drink to stay hydrated with.

Pack single serve snacks. Rather than bringing an oversized bag of chips or loose desserts along, pre-pack your snacks into single servings. Alternatively, you can purchase treats that already come individually packaged (in case you were wondering – yes! Cheryl’s cookies DO come individually packaged).

Pre-pack utensil sets. Prepare ready-to-go utensil sets wrapped in a napkin so friends can simply grab and go. This will eliminate everyone gathering around in the same area at the same time to sort through the utensils for the ones they need.

Know the venue. If possible, head out to the area the beforehand and take note of the layout. That way, you can take note of the areas with the most shade, pick out the best spots to park in, and be aware of all exits to help plan your exit strategy.

Bring a distinguishing flag or pole. Especially in the case of larger events, it may be difficult for your group to find their way back to the car. Attach a tall, unique flag or pole that stands out from the crowd so they can spot your car from miles away. This is also a good idea if you are meeting up with others; just describe your flag and they’ll be able to find you no matter where they are parked.

Slice burger toppings beforehand. Skip the mess that comes with slicing onions and tomatoes, and slice them the morning of! Lay them all out in a large aluminum tray and you have mini portable build-your-own-burger-bar.

Brings snacks for sharing with neighbors. Part of the fun of tailgating is encountering all the like-minded people surrounding you. Bring extra snacks for sharing with your neighbors; who knows – maybe they’ll have some delicious eats they’ll share with you in return!

Cleanup as you go. Rather than leaving all of the cleanup until very the end, place several trash bangs around the area so guests can clean as they go. This not only saves times on cleanup in the end, but will help you avoid the rush getting out as the rest of the cars are still busy tossing their trash.

Bring bug repellent. This is especially important when tailgating in the summer. Prepare bug repellent such as citronella candles or spray. Candles work best to keep insects from the food, and spray can be applied directly to the body to help avoid those unwelcome bug bites.

Cheryl's Cookies and Brownies

10 Tailgating Party Gift Ideas

October 3, 2012
Cheryl's Football Bow Box

Cheryl's Football Bow Box

Hut, hut, hike! You’ve been invited to a tailgating party, and you need to find your host a gift, pronto. Not sure what to get? We have 10 gift ideas that will score a touchdown with any football fanatic. (Bonus points: Your pigskin-loving friends can use these functional presents right away—and reuse them every game day!)

Picnic Time Touchdown Football Cutting BoardPicnic Time Touch Down Football Cutting Board
This eco-friendly cutting board can be branded with the team logo your host worships. Plus, its football shape makes it the perfect platter for those finger-licking pregame appetizers. This is one game day gift that’s hard to fumble.

Picnic Time NFL Can CoolerPicnic Time NFL Can Cooler
With this large can-shaped cooler, your friend can be ready to pass cold ones to his guests, quarterback-style. It holds up to 10 cans, and its removable lid allows it to double as a stool. Make it personal by picking from dozens of team colors and designs.

Fred & Friends Cold Snap Football Ice MoldFred & Friends Cold Snap Football Ice Mold
Getting drinks ready for kickoff is easy with this silicone football-shaped ice cube mold. All your host has to do is fill the ball with water and stick it in the freezer. When the 3-D ice is ready, guests can toss it into their favorite thirst-quenchers.

Brookstone NFL Team Coasters With Game Field TurfBrookstone NFL Team Coasters With Game Field Turf
Guests will also need something sporty to rest their ice-cold drinks on. If your pal is a diehard New York Giants fan, these coasters will bring a piece of the action to the party. Each coaster in this four-piece set contains real turf from Giants Stadium.

Rico Industries NFL Grill CoverRico Industries NFL Grill Cover
Your buddy will really feel like a gridiron all-star when you hand him this grill cover. Once the burgers and hot dogs are ready to eat, your friend can deck out his BBQ in his team’s official logo and colors.

The Memory Company NFL Salt & Pepper ShakersThe Memory Company NFL Salt & Pepper Shakers
These miniature jersey-shaped salt and pepper shakers will add a dash of team spirit to any tailgate feast. Choose your friend’s favorite team, and you’ll get two jersey colors: one for home games, one for away games.

ProToast Elite NFL Teams ToasterProToast Elite NFL Teams Toaster
The competition is toast! Your host can show off his tough side with this toaster, which brands any NFL logo onto sliced bread. It’s perfect for making sandwiches and rooting for the home team on game day … and every day!

Gold Star Games NFL Snack Helmet
Gold Star Games NFL Snack Helmet

When half time rolls around, tailgaters will be huddling around this one-of-a-kind snack bowl. The helmet can be customized with your compadre’s favorite team logo, and the removable dishes can hold anything from chips and dip to cookies and ice.

The Popcorn Factory NFL 3-Flavor Popcorn TinThe Popcorn Factory NFL 3-Flavor Popcorn Tin
When you football fans are in need of a time out, tackle this three-gallon popcorn tin. It’s dressed for the game with any team logo of your choice, and it’s packed to the max with three different kinds of popcorn: all-natural butter, robust cheese and secret-recipe caramel.

Cheryl’s Football Gift Tin of TreatsCheryl's Football Gift Tin of Treats
This football-shaped tin bank is overflowing with all the sugary treats a fan needs to satisfy his sweet tooth: Cheryl’s famous buttercream frosted football cut-out cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pretzel clusters, and chocolate peanut butter buckeyes. Once dessert’s been devoured, the empty tin bank can also hold spare change—perfect for the coin toss to decide who will make the trip to the fridge for some milk!

Now that we’ve got your wheels turning, what kind of clever gifts do you plan on bringing to your next tailgating party?