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The Best Games to Play at Your Carnival Party

June 6, 2013
Carnival Fancy Cookie Gift Box

Carnival Fancy Cookie Gift BoxStep right up, step right up! For a kid, a sunny summer day just isn’t complete without some fun carnival games. But why waste time driving to a faraway festival when you can bring the boardwalk to your own backyard? In celebration of Cheryl’s new carnival-themed cookies, we put together a list of the best games you and your kids can play at your next carnival party. So come one, come all and enjoy the most exciting fair in town!

Cookie-Eating Contest

Give the classic pie-eating contest a sweet little spin and use cookies instead. Stack Cheryl’s carnival cookies high up toward the sky and see who can eat the most in one sitting. With irresistible summer flavors like cotton candy, orange citrus and double chocolate, this race will definitely be a close call!

Bean Bag Toss or Baseball Throw

Test your pitching skills with a tossing game—DIY style. Making everyone’s favorite summertime game set is easy and cheap: Just grab a spare wooden or plastic board, cut out a few large holes, decorate it and assign numbers to each hole. Then lean it up against the fence and take turns throwing baseballs or bean-filled bags to rack up points.

Balloon Darts

Your carnival party crowd will be popping with excitement when they see your homespun balloon dart board. Hang up a large corkboard panel on the fence or stand it up in the grass. Then, completely cover it with air-filled water balloons. Hand your guests five darts and tell them to take their aim: Whoever pops three balloons wins a prize!

The Fish Bowl Game

One of the trickiest—yet most addictive—carnival games, the Fish Bowl Game will be a raging hit with your guests, young and old alike. Line up 10-20 small fishbowls close together in rows on a table. Give your festival-goers a bag of pennies or Ping-Pong balls, and sit back and watch while they tirelessly try to land them in the fish bowls one by one.

Ring Toss

A carnival party can’t get any more authentic than a good ol’ game of ring toss! To get in on some traditional fun, fill up a plastic crate with rows of empty, upright glass bottles. (Make sure the long bottle necks stick out high above the rim of the crate.) Hand the kiddos a bunch of colorful plastic rings and enjoy their laughter as they compete to see who can loop the most rings around the bottles.

How Many Jelly Beans?

The ultimate carnival guessing game is also the easiest to recreate at home. Fill up a large jar to the rim with jelly beans, seal it and place it on a table for all to see. Have everyone guesstimate how many beans are in the jar, and reward the closest guess with a prize. Bonus: Once the game is over, everyone can dig into the delicious jelly beans!

The Duck Pond

Carnival party guests will have a quack-tastic time fishing for prizes! Grab about 50 rubber ducks (the weighted kind float best), label the bottom of each duck with the name of a toy, and attach a hook to the top of each duck’s head. Fill a small plastic kiddy pool with water, toss in the ducks and have the little ones cast a line and try to nab the biggest prize.

What other kinds of fun food and activities will you have at your kids’ next carnival party?

Cheryl's Cookies and Brownies

10 Tailgating Party Gift Ideas

October 3, 2012
Cheryl's Football Bow Box

Cheryl's Football Bow Box

Hut, hut, hike! You’ve been invited to a tailgating party, and you need to find your host a gift, pronto. Not sure what to get? We have 10 gift ideas that will score a touchdown with any football fanatic. (Bonus points: Your pigskin-loving friends can use these functional presents right away—and reuse them every game day!)

Picnic Time Touchdown Football Cutting BoardPicnic Time Touch Down Football Cutting Board
This eco-friendly cutting board can be branded with the team logo your host worships. Plus, its football shape makes it the perfect platter for those finger-licking pregame appetizers. This is one game day gift that’s hard to fumble.

Picnic Time NFL Can CoolerPicnic Time NFL Can Cooler
With this large can-shaped cooler, your friend can be ready to pass cold ones to his guests, quarterback-style. It holds up to 10 cans, and its removable lid allows it to double as a stool. Make it personal by picking from dozens of team colors and designs.

Fred & Friends Cold Snap Football Ice MoldFred & Friends Cold Snap Football Ice Mold
Getting drinks ready for kickoff is easy with this silicone football-shaped ice cube mold. All your host has to do is fill the ball with water and stick it in the freezer. When the 3-D ice is ready, guests can toss it into their favorite thirst-quenchers.

Brookstone NFL Team Coasters With Game Field TurfBrookstone NFL Team Coasters With Game Field Turf
Guests will also need something sporty to rest their ice-cold drinks on. If your pal is a diehard New York Giants fan, these coasters will bring a piece of the action to the party. Each coaster in this four-piece set contains real turf from Giants Stadium.

Rico Industries NFL Grill CoverRico Industries NFL Grill Cover
Your buddy will really feel like a gridiron all-star when you hand him this grill cover. Once the burgers and hot dogs are ready to eat, your friend can deck out his BBQ in his team’s official logo and colors.

The Memory Company NFL Salt & Pepper ShakersThe Memory Company NFL Salt & Pepper Shakers
These miniature jersey-shaped salt and pepper shakers will add a dash of team spirit to any tailgate feast. Choose your friend’s favorite team, and you’ll get two jersey colors: one for home games, one for away games.

ProToast Elite NFL Teams ToasterProToast Elite NFL Teams Toaster
The competition is toast! Your host can show off his tough side with this toaster, which brands any NFL logo onto sliced bread. It’s perfect for making sandwiches and rooting for the home team on game day … and every day!

Gold Star Games NFL Snack Helmet
Gold Star Games NFL Snack Helmet

When half time rolls around, tailgaters will be huddling around this one-of-a-kind snack bowl. The helmet can be customized with your compadre’s favorite team logo, and the removable dishes can hold anything from chips and dip to cookies and ice.

The Popcorn Factory NFL 3-Flavor Popcorn TinThe Popcorn Factory NFL 3-Flavor Popcorn Tin
When you football fans are in need of a time out, tackle this three-gallon popcorn tin. It’s dressed for the game with any team logo of your choice, and it’s packed to the max with three different kinds of popcorn: all-natural butter, robust cheese and secret-recipe caramel.

Cheryl’s Football Gift Tin of TreatsCheryl's Football Gift Tin of Treats
This football-shaped tin bank is overflowing with all the sugary treats a fan needs to satisfy his sweet tooth: Cheryl’s famous buttercream frosted football cut-out cookies, chocolate chip cookies, pretzel clusters, and chocolate peanut butter buckeyes. Once dessert’s been devoured, the empty tin bank can also hold spare change—perfect for the coin toss to decide who will make the trip to the fridge for some milk!

Now that we’ve got your wheels turning, what kind of clever gifts do you plan on bringing to your next tailgating party?

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Easter Cookies, Flower Cookies, Giveaway, Spring

Spring giveaway!

April 13, 2011
NEW Easter Cookie Sampler

NEW Easter Cookie Sampler


Spring is finally here!  Flowers, green grass, sandals and warmer temps! And of course with Spring comes awesome Easter gifts from Cheryl’s.   Cheryl’s has a $9.99 6-count sampler with buttercream frosted spring favorites… flowers, chicks and eggs!

Would you like one?  I want to send you one! 

In 1-2 paragraphs tell us what family traditions you have to celebrate Spring or Easter! 

We’ll choose FIVE winners!

And the winners are….

Winner #1: Post #4 Written By andrea mcmahon on April 13, 2011 at 7:05 pm
Winner #2: Post #10 Written By megan on April 13, 2011 at 8:57 pm
Winner #3: Post #15 Written By The Rod Family on April 16, 2011 at 4:40 pm
Winner #4: Post #24 Written By Amanda S. on April 18, 2011 at 2:28 pm
Winner #5: Post #6 Written By kathy chambers on April 13, 2011 at 7:14 pm
Giveaway, Miss Grace Cakes, Mrs. Beasley's

Cheryl’s Big Announcement!

March 18, 2011
Mrs Beasleys Easter Sampler Gift Tower

Mrs Beasleys Easter Sampler Gift Tower

This week’s blog post is from Denise…

Cheryl’s made a big announcement this week.  Did you hear?  Hollywood’s Favorite Bakery – Mrs. Beasley’s – is now part of the Cheryl’s team!  Their delicious gifts are the perfect complement of baked desserts to the Cheryl’s assortment.  My favorites?  The rich, melt in your mouth truffle cookies and the incredible Miss Grace Lemon Cake made with real lemons!  Oh my!

So have any of you ever tried Mrs. Beasley’s baked yummies?  Tell me what you thought!  I will choose three random responses and send you an Easter Sampler Tower!

Click here to read the full Press Release.

Winner Status:

Winner #1: Post #10 Written By Jennifer on March 22, 2011 at 3:17 pm

Winner #2: Post #26 Written By Gina  on March 25, 2011 at 7:28 pm

Winner #3: Post #12 Written By Mandy on March 22, 2011 at 3:45 pm

And…..a surprise 4th winner has been picked!!!                     Winner #4: Post #19 Written By kathy chambers on March 25, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Easter Cookies, Flower Cookies, Spring

Ready for Spring?

March 9, 2011

Spring Cookies!

Spring Cookies!

 This week’s blog post is from one of our Marketing experts, Gina.

A couple of weeks ago, a groundhog in Pennsylvania didn’t see his shadow, which according to legend, signifies that winter weather is drawing to a close.  And what welcome news after one of the craziest winters in recent history.  I don’t know about you, but I am ready for SPRING!  Cheryl’s is rolling out the Flowers, Easter eggs, and our NEW baby chick cookies because what better way to shake out of the winter doldrums than with cookies!  And buttercream frosting of course!

As much as I’ll miss the cold and the ice (haha), I’m so excited to see the trees sprout buds, the earliest flowers start to bloom, and the birds start to make their nests.  As the official season of rebirth and renewal, spring always feels like a brand new page, open to every possibility.  Even spring cleaning doesn’t sound so bad as a trade-off from being cooped up all winter!

I’m so excited about the coming of spring that I was wondering what your favorite part of spring is.  What are some traditions you and your family have for this time of year?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Cookies, Easter Cookies, St. Patrick's Day

Introducing our NEW Buttercream Frosted Chick cookie!

February 24, 2011
NEW! St. Patrick's Day Gift Tin

NEW! St. Patrick's Day Gift Tin


This week’s Cheryl’s post is from our head Merchant, Nora.

As the hearts and chocolate come to an end and Valentine’s Day is over, the thoughts of spring are in our minds and stomachs!  Here is a sneak peek at what is to come for the upcoming holidays!  Beginning with St. Patrick’s day, everyone loves some luck!  Send someone lucky wishes with our buttercream frosted shamrock cookie in our new St Patrick’s Day packaging!

NEW! Buttercream Frosted Chick cookies

NEW! Buttercream Frosted Chick cookies


After sending someone delicious shamrock cookies, don’t forget to check out our new Easter collection.  Shhh… don’t tell but we’re launching a new chick cookie!  Buttercream frosted chicks and egg cutout cookies make the perfect gift for all of your Easter gifting needs.  You can find gifts for kids of all ages!  The new novelty packaging with the delicious treats will compliment any Easter celebration.  Don’t forget to buy some extra cookies to fill the Easter baskets this year! 

Happy Spring!