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Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts

Sweet End of School Year Gift Ideas for Teachers

May 29, 2014

Thank You Berry Much Cookie Flower PotFrom September to June, the classroom serves as a second home, with the teachers being the disciplinarians parents trust to instill knowledge into their beloved children. Send a sweet “Thank You” with these end of school year gift ideas from Cheryl’s!

Thank You Gift for Teachers from an Individual
Apples and fruits may be the go-to gift for teachers, but we guarantee your favorite instructor will be even more impressed with their favorite fruity treat in cookie form! Any selection from our unique cookie flower pots is sure to impress, and put you in the running for teacher’s pet.

Thank You Gifts for Teachers From a Group
If you’re looking for a wow-worthy gift to send from a class or group, choose one of the generous cookie and dessert gift baskets, filled with an assortment of sweets, sized for sharing. Include a photo of the whole class for an added keepsake the teacher can hold on to forever!

Thank You Gifts for Student Teachers and Aides
Your child’s main teacher may be at the forefront of all the lessons and activities, but don’t forget those aides and student teachers who help with the day-to-day tasks and are just as vital to the learning experience. Send the unsung heroes of the classroom a vibrant and sweet gift from our Happy Face Cookies Collection, sure to put a smile on their faces!

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$5 Cookie Greetings

August 7, 2012
cheryls cookies greeting card

cheryls cookies greeting cardWelcome back cookie fans!

At Cheryl’s, we’re always looking for new and fun ways to celebrate all of life’s special moments. There is always so much to congratulate our friends and families on from new jobs, promotions, engagements, graduations, or even a just because gift to pick their day up. We know that this can get to be a little overwhelming trying to find something for everyone (let alone finding anything at all!), so we’ve decided to take on one of our favorite gifts and make your gifting ideas and option a whole lot easier!

We believe every celebration can be sweetened with our famous cookies, and now we have the perfect gifts that everyone can enjoy (including your budget!). Our all new $5 Cookie Greetings are designed for every playful and thoughtful occasion you have coming up. Sweeter than a card and only $5 delivered, we know these delicious cookies will be appreciated. Each cookie greeting comes with a $5 reward card for your recipient to use on their future purchase, making it the gift that keeps on giving!

These delicious greetings are designed for graduations, anniversary, and “Happy Birthday”, get well, congratulations, “Thank you”, “Cheers to you” and more!

Check out our new collection here and tell us what you think. cheryls cookies greeting cards

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How to throw a fun, delicious and kid-approved Earth Day Party!

April 18, 2012

earth day party cookies cherylsWelcome back readers!

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22, 2012! Environmental awareness is on the rise and garnering observances all over the world to bring attention to the things we can do to help our environment no matter how big or small the task. Earth Day can be a great time to start teaching your children at an early age how they can take up these responsibilities, or even use this day to start a change in your own habits. While this day is certainly very important, we also enjoy all the fun prospects that can go with it. One of which is throwing an Earth Day party! (Need more time to plan? Extend the fun and learning and make this an “Earth Week” celebration with the party next weekend!)

Green and blue are definitely the go to colors for your Earth Day Party decorations. We’re betting you can find tons of great table cloths, pillows, linens and everything needed for an eco-friendly party. Just be sure to buy stuff you will use again or can donate when you’re done. When looking for plates, utensils and cups make sure to find all recycled/recyclable products or items that you can use again in the future! Mason jars have been a popular choice for parties in the last year with very good reason. The reuse of mason jars is an endless list of fun and easy DIY projects. You can use them as centerpieces with bouquets of flowers in them, keep drinks fresh in them and ready for use, preserves, reuse for indoor plants, literally anything! Our friends at have a very simple “dipped mason jar” how to on their blog here. mason jar uses cco

Looking for a fun and edible centerpiece idea? We’ve got you covered! Our new cookie flower pots are perfect for a family-friendly Earth Day party. Our delicious buttercream frosted cookies are delivered freshly made and decorated with spring and floral shapes and colors, contained in a reusable tin. All of our cookies are made with the finest and freshest of ingredients with no added preservatives! Kids will love the bright festive colors and sweet tastes. We also have plenty of flower, lady bug and butterfly cookies to place at the table as decorative Earth Day treats.

Other great snacks to include at your Earth Day party:

  • Mixed Veggie tray with ranch dip
  • Mixed Fruit tray with yogurt dip
  • “Ants on a Log” (celery, peanut butter and raisins)
  • Sliced apples with peanut butter, Nutella or caramel
  • Popcorn
  • Small sandwiches with wheat or multi-grain bread

Of course no Earth Day Party would be complete without some fun and educational activities! All activities are inexpensive (or free!), fun and easy to do no matter the size of your party.

  • Earth Day Word Puzzle: Create your own crossword or word scramble list (can find free programs online) using Earth Day related words!
  • Recycle Relay: Divide into teams (2 or 3 teams depending on party size) and give each team a bin filled with recyclables like plastic bottles, milk jugs, cardboard, etc. and three empty bins labeled as “Plastic,” “Paper” and “Glass.” Tell the teams that the first team to correctly sort all of their items in the proper bins wins!
  • Earth Day Pledge: Let them decorate plain white t-shirts with fabric markers or eco-friendly fabric paint with their Earth Day resolutions and ways that they can help the environment!

At the end of the day, you can make a good bag using recycled paper lunch bags filled with an individual Cheryl’s cookie (!), pencils, stickers, and (a great find from the Target dollar spot!) a small potted plant for them to take home.

This is a great party to throw anytime during the nice weather months ahead, with a great message that’s important to learn about every day of the year.

Happy (early) Earth Day!

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Crafty Cookies for Valentine’s Day

February 1, 2012

Welcome back!

Cheryls buttercream frosted heart valentines day cookies

Cheryls Valentine's Day Buttercream frosted heart cookies

Valentine’s Day is almost here it’s time to set out making thoughtful and enjoyable Valentines. Luckily for us, we’re at one of the best gifting companies around, so we know where to look first! We’ve got some great cookies and crafts ideas to share with you.

If you’re looking for a really simple and sweet gift, our Cheryl’s $5 Valentine’s Day Heart or Hug Bug Cookie Greeting card is a fast and fun way to say hello. An adorable Valentine’s Day themed cookie delivered in a single-sized box, for only $5 delivered; the same price as a regular greeting card, but sure to be far more appreciated. This would be great for a group of loved ones you want to send a greeting to. But if your class list is bulking up or you just want to get a tad bit more creative with it, we found this adorable idea from blogger Kerry at Kerry’s Paper Crafts, that we think you’ll love!

Get an order of Cheryl’s Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out Heart Valentine’s Day cookies (available in 12-24-36-72-100 count) and try not to eat them all! (Good, first step). Each cookie comes individually packaged, which is great for children’s Valentines to hand out in class.

Kerry’s Paper Crafts blog shows how to dress up adorable little pillow boxes with small card greetings tied on with decorative ribbon. We loved the idea and looked through our sister company’s site ( for children’s Valentine’s Day cards to attach. There are cards for both boys and girls that would make the perfect finishing touch to this sweet Valentine’s Day treat. X’s and O’s, dinosaurs, basketball, hearts, penguins, there are plenty of card choices to suit your individual tastes and make your Valentines stand out from the crowd!

Kerry's Paper Crafts Valentine's Day

Kerry's Paper Crafts Valentine's Day

valentines day cat card Children's Valentine's Day card

An even simpler idea that can be used for both children and adults, Fine Stationery also has Valentine’s Day stickers that can be easily placed on each cookie! You can personalize your message online before ordering, right down to the font style you want used and the different color patterns! They go the extra mile to make these personalized stickers special for you and only you. Once the stickers arrive, just apply them to your cookie greetings for a clean and festively decorated Valentine ready to go!

Are you extra crafty? Head over to Kerry’s Paper Crafts to learn how to make your own decorative pillow-boxes and little paper greetings to attach, just make sure they’re large enough for a delicious cookie greeting inside!

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Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Thanksgiveaway

November 10, 2011

Welcome back Cheryl’s fans!

November is the time for crisp air, golden leaves, warm nights inside, and Thanksgiving! It’s the holiday that’s sandwiched in between Halloween and Christmas and usually gets forgotten about, though I can’t imagine why. Sure, you don’t get to dress up in costume and get free candy for a day, no one really writes songs about it, and you don’t get presents, but there is a lot more to Thanksgiving than we give it credit for.

Thanksgiving is the time to spend with family and friends and give thanks for all the wonderful things in your life and theirs. It’s an excuse to get everyone together over a good meal and catch up on what’s going on. Thanksgiving allows you to celebrate all that you have, without getting stuck on presents or what you did and didn’t receive this year. We should all appreciate Thanksgiving a bit more and treat the holiday as it should be treated, without letting it get lost between old pumpkins and giant display ornaments!

Personally, I love Thanksgiving. I love everything about Thanksgiving right down to the wishbone! I have such a large family with my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, friends of family, all of their kids…you get the picture. We try to get together as much as we can so that we don’t lose touch, but holidays like Thanksgiving guarantee that we can all spend at least one day together, and impress each other with a chosen dish we’ve decided to make and bring to Thanksgiving dinner. One of my uncles and my grandma will usually take turns making the turkey, one of my aunts has the best mashed potatoes and potato salad I’ve ever tasted, and my mom is usually trying out new recipes and dishes each year so I’ll just have to wait and see what it is. This year, I’m sure I’ll get some praise when I bring over some Cheryl’s Thanksgiving cookies for my whole family to try…

All of this is why we’re happy to be doing our Thanksgiveaway Thanksgiving Sweepstakes for all of our fans! We just want to say thanks for sticking with us as fans, customers, and friends. We know that none of what we do would matter without all of your support. So join in the fun and let us show you how thankful we are that you are our fans! Our Thanksgiving Thanksgiveaway Sweepstakes will go on each Thankful Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving, where you could win our new Thanksgiving turkey cookie greeting.

Good friends, good fans, and good cookies: that’s a lot to be thankful for!

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Thanks and recognition

August 12, 2011
All-Occasion Dessert Gift

All-Occasion Dessert Gift

Recently Cheryl’s held a company party for employees. As an employee of Cheryl’s for almost six years, this is something I look forward to each year.  We all had a lot of fun and there were plenty of food, prizes, games, and of course cookies for all of us.  Our company president was also there and spoke to us about the important role we as employees play in our company.

Leaving the party I (and I’m sure all of the other employees) felt rewarded and recognized. As a Business Gifts Account Manager I know Cheryl’s cookies are a great way to reward and recognize individuals just like our company party did.  What a great surprise to receive cookies for a job well done, or to recognize a special occasion in a person’s life. 

We would love to hear about the stories in which you have sent Cheryl’s cookie gifts to recognize a special occasion in someone’s life whether it was a birthday, anniversary or a thank you.

Emily Kuhn, Account Manager

Current favorite cookie: Buttercream Frosted Key lime

Thank You Gifts

Thank You gifts

February 3, 2011
This week’s Cheryl’s post is from Business Account Manager, Emily.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Saying thank you is something I consistently remind my 6 year old daughter to say.  For businesses, thank you’s go beyond just saying it, but showing it. 

 As a Business Account Manager here is why I send thank you gifts:

  • To show my customers that I appreciate their business.
  • To show I am honored my customer is doing business with me.  Let’s face it, customers have a choice.
  • To build trust with my customers… showing thankfulness is a great way.

 When I imagine one of my customers receiving a Cheryl’s thank you gift and (perhaps!) sharing those treats with their co-workers it brings a smile to my face. 

 So what are some of the reasons you send thank you gifts, and how do you feel when you receive one?  I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and experiences receiving and sending gifts from Cheryl’s Cookies!