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Halloween Cookies

Spooky & Sweet Halloween Party Ideas

October 2, 2014

Halloween is the perfect time to get extra festive. Celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year with a show-stopping party for both children and adults to enjoy! recently threw a wow-worthy Halloween bash filled with DIY elements that are simple to recreate yet will impress guests of all ages! Check out their full Halloween party for ideas including a DIY Smoky Witches Brew recipe, Spooky Cider for the kids, DIY Witch Broom Cocktail Stirrers, and a fun Trick-or-Toss game using Halloween candy.

Have any fun Halloween party ideas you’d love to show off? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Best Friend Day: 8 Sweet Ways to Celebrate with Your BFF

June 4, 2014

national-best-friends-dayThey stay up chatting, gossiping, and consoling with us until the wee hours of the night. On our birthdays, they sing the loudest, eat the most cake, and tell the most embarrassing stories. Some may call them crazy, but you call them your BFF.

National Best Friends Day 2014 is Sunday, June 8, so round up your bestie and celebrate with these 8 sweet ideas:

Make up a secret handshake. You’ve been friends for how long and don’t have a secret handshake?! Incorporate high fives, dance moves, and even your favorite sayings and work together to come up with a one-of-a-kind handshake the two of you can cherish forever.

Create Sweet Cookie Messages. Roll up those sleeves and spend the afternoon decorating Cheryl’s famous cookies with our cookie decorating kit, which includes 24 unfrosted cut-out cookies, 2 pounds of frosting, and festive sprinkles for a deliciously fun best friend activity!

Make a sharing-sized ice cream sundae! Summertime and living’s easy… so celebrate your BFF with a mouth-watering sundae to share. Load it up with a mix of both of your favorite toppings, top with two cherries and dig in!

Make a music video. Set up that web cam, blast your favorite mutual song, and bust out those dance moves! With a little bit of video editing, the two of you can have a show-case ready music video to show off (or never speak of again).

Make a friendship timeline – physical or digital. Highlight the most memorable and important milestones of your friendship on a timeline! Point out dates + photos such as first day we met, first time at a concert, first time we raided each other’s refrigerators, etc. Create this on poster paper for a timeline you can use to decorate or create a virtual one on a free presentation site and share the link with friends!

Marathon of Best Friend Flicks. Spend the day with your BFF, snacks, and your favorite Hollywood besties. From Pretty in Pink to Sherlock Holmes, there’s no shortage of quirky duos to spend the day with.

Best Friend Interview. You may think you know everything there is to know about your BFF, but there is always a story or two you may not have heard. Jot down 10-15 questions – ranging from something as simple as “what is your favorite food” to something as complicated as “where do you see yourself in 15 years?” Hold on to these answers as you never know when they may come in handy.

Spend the day giving back. Let others reap the benefits of your amazing friendship by grabbing your BFF and volunteering at local organizations to help give back – guaranteed to make the two of you grow even closer together!


Less Stress More Fun: Easy Party Planning Tips

May 15, 2014

From the food to the décor, planning the perfect event requires care attention to detail. All of the odds and ends can certainly be stressful, here are some creative party planning tips for creating a wow-worthy event without the unnecessary fuss.

Simple Party Planning Decorating Tips

easy-party-planning-tips-decorSetting the scene for your soiree is an absolute must! While decorating can get tedious and sometimes pricey, here are some great tips for making your décor wow-worthy without the added fuss.

Pick a Theme
Whether it be a movie, sports, or just a color, picking a theme makes it easier to choose decorations that work well together.

Use Found Items
Use items you already have on hand to save money and time! Empty vases filled with toys, fruits, or candies make for a great conversation starter, as do funny framed photos. Themed memorabilia and paraphernalia spread around the room kicks the décor up a notch.

Less Hassle Party Planning Menu Tips

Festive Foods Without the Fuss
Skip the messy meals and serve easy-to-eat finger foods and hors d’oeuvres so guests can snack while they socialize! If you want to serve more intricate bites, simply serve them on a stick. This will make it not only easier to eat but will eliminate the need for plates and utensils, making clean up that much simpler.

DIY Drink Display
Rather than premixing cocktails and spending time and energy serving guests, set up a DIY bar with all the necessary accoutrements. Include several varieties of liquor such as tequila, vodka, and gin, as well as popular mixers like cranberry and orange juice. Put out a few bowls filled with olives and cherries to really make it feel like a bar. Head on over to for more tips on making your at-home bar wow-worthy.

Fuss-Free Party Favors

easy-party-planning-tipsOrder Prepared Party Favors
Send guests home with a gift that’ll keep the fun going without spending hours creating and DIY-ing. Our cookie cards and Mrs.Grace’s gracelets are affordable, festive, and irresistibly delicious, for the perfect fuss-free party favor!

Party Favor + Place Setting in One
The party favor is meant as a take-home gift, but that doesn’t mean it has to wait until the end of the party! Add a name tag to each party favor and place at each table setting for a unique presentation.

Mother's Day

Sweet Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Personality

May 2, 2014

Cheryl's Garden with Cookie GiftSome Moms plan trips to the park, while others plan a day full of crafting fun. Some will even take the spontaneous route and point to a spot on the local map and plan a day around the winning location. No matter how Mom chooses to plan and spend the days, she fills with life’s lessons and love. This year, send Mom a unique gift that suits her one-of-a-kind personality; here are some creative Mother’s Day gift ideas to satisfy your special Mom!

For the Gardening Mom
Mom spends countless hours tending to her garden and indulging in the bounty it brings her. Bring the beauty of the garden indoors with a confection-filled gift inspired by her garden! Our Cookie Flower Garden is filled with Cheryl’s famous Buttercream cookies and even comes with forget-me-not seed packets to add some beauty to Mom’s yard.

For the Beach-Loving Mom
If bathing suit season is Mom’s favorite time of year, send her a beachy-keen gift inspired by sandy shores like our “Life’s a Beach” cookie tin.

For The Classic Mom
The Mom who loves tradition and classic celebrations will be expecting flowers. Pair your fresh flower bouquet with an even sweeter floral gift like classically beautiful tulips – in cookie form!

Cheryl's Teapot GiftFor The Elegant Mom
Mom is all about sophistication and elegance, so surprise her with a ceramic teapot to enjoy her afternoon tea! This classy gift comes with 9 buttercream frosted cookies so you can enjoy these together after Mother’s Day brunch!

For The Wise Mom
Mom is number one on speed dial not just because you love her, but also because she offers the best advice out of everyone you know. She always has the answer and loves spreading her knowledge with the world. Send Mom the a sweet gift inspired the wisest animal we know – sure to be a hoot!

For the Fashion-Forward Mom
Is Mom’s mailbox overflowing with beauty catalogs and shopping offers? If she spends her lunch hours at the mall or shopping online, satisfy her taste for fashion with a chic cookie arrangement with a trendy twist!

Long Distance Mom
Even if Mom is on the other side of the world, you can still surprise her with treats at her doorstep! Make it a monthly gesture by surprising her with a subscription to the Cheryl’s Frosted Cookie Club – sure put a monthly smile on Mom’s face.

Mother's Day Super Hero cookiesOn-the-Go Mom
She’s early to work every day, head of the PTA and still manages to be a full-time Mom! Send this super Mom a snack assortment worthy of a super-hero to show appreciation and love.

The Philanthropic Mom
Mom spends weekends volunteering and always makes sure to clip her box tops, so send this humanitarian Mom a gift that gives back. Our Make-A-Wish gifts give back about 20% of proceeds with each purchase from the collection!

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Easter Activities for Kids

April 15, 2014

After the observance, Easter is a time of family reunions, traditional foods, and creating new memories while reminiscing and reflecting. While the adults are setting the tables and catching up with the past year’s events, the kids impatiently await the first course to arrive so they can finally dig in. This year, keep the younger crowd calm while partaking in some festive fun with Easter activities for kids!

Easter Activities for Kids

Set up a separate crafting and activity station to keep all the kids settled in one place. Prepare the area with smocks if necessary; Cover with festive wrapping paper to not only protect the table but to also dress up the space. Here are some suggestions for simple yet fun Easter activities for kids; be sure to set out all the supplies and ingredients they may need before the event so they can enjoy the day while the adults catch up and play!

Don’t forget to check out our Easy Easter Decorating Ideas for some simple and festive ways to spruce up your space!

Easter Egg Decorating

Prepare a few dozen hardboiled eggs for kids to decorate. For less mess, skip the paints and dyes and instead provide kids with permanent markers in various colors so they can draw designs or even just bedazzle the eggs with their names. Other mess-free suggestions include festive stickers and glitter pens.

Easter Activity BoxEaster activity box

This festive activity box for Easter is filled with festive treats and activities to keep children of all ages occupied. The best part? This activity box comes complete with sweets, crayons, and even an adorable paddle ball, all packaged in a ready-to-color box, essentially doing the prep work for you. At the end of the party, kids can then pack all of their goodies and creations into the activity for a creative party favor container!

Easter Cookie Decorating Station

The only thing better than decorating eggs is decorating buttercream cookie eggs! Set up a cookie decorating station for kids to unleash their sweet tooth dreams. Our Easter Cutout Cookie Decorating Kit comes with unfrosted Cheryl’s famous cutout cookies, butter cream frosting, and festive sprinkles for some seriously sweet fun! Want to keep the cookie fun going year-round? Surprise someone special with our Frosted Cookie Club, and for a limited time get 6 Buttercream Chick Cookies free with subscription!

Here are some aww-inspiring photos of our Easter activities for kids in action:

Easter Activities for Kids

An artist-in-training works diligently on her cookie creation.

Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids

The perfect sprinkles placement requires extreme concentration.

Easter Activities for Kids

A cookie artist shows off her work…

Easter Activities for Kids

…and then devours it!

Easter Activities for Kids

The kids then channel their inner artists with an Easter activity box.
Easter Activities for KidsOnce they are finished, it’s time to show off those masterpieces!

Easter Cookies

Easy Easter Decorating Ideas

April 3, 2014

BEasy Easter Decorating Ideasetween prepping the home for visiting family, spending hours in the kitchen perfecting the Easter brunch menu, and organizing the yearly Easter Egg hunt, there’s hardly time to decorate for the holiday! With a few simple ideas, you can give your home an Easter makeover that will surely wow guests.

The best (and simplest) way to create a perfectly put-together look for Easter is to choose a color theme or one reoccuring element such as bunnies or chicks and use it throughout the room. Set up one or two conversation starters that will be the focal point of the Easter decorations, and you’re sure to wow! Here are some creative and fun ideas for Easter decorations you’ll want to try.

Edible Decorations

The simplest way to decorate for Easter is to choose foods that double as decorations like the adorable Cheryl’s Cookie Flower Pots. Set up as a centerpiece during the meal so guests know to save room for the main cookie attraction!

Repurpose Easter Eggs

The kids have turned regular eggs into Easter masterpieces, so show them off! Fill several vases with colored (or plain) eggs and place on end tables, counters, and mantelpieces. You can even top with flowers to add a fresh touch to your décor!

Place Cards & Party Favors In One

Set festive cookie cards on plates as a creative place setting that guests can then take home. Our adorable cookie cards are delicious and individually packaged, making it easy to set up a wow-worthy Easter spread. Each one also comes with an additional $5 gift towards their purchase so they can keep the flavor fun going on and on!

Easter Gifts Cheryl's Cookie Cards Easter Gifts Cheryl's Cookie Cards

Easter Gifts Cheryl's Cookie Cards





Alternatively, mini boxes filled with sweets and set as individual place cards will turn even the barest of tables into a festive spread of color and fun. Plus, guests can take their mini baskets home for a delicious party favor! Get the how-to for this simple yet adorable DIY Easter decoration idea here.

New Easter Goodies

Candies as Easter Decorations

For those looking for super simple Easter decorating ideas, you’ll love this one. Grab a bag of colored candies such as jelly beans and fill in bowls or vases for a pop of color throughout the room. Talk about a sweet setup!

Bunny Ears Everywhere

Head to your local party or dollar store and grab a pack of bunny ears. Hang them on chairs, stick them to door knobs, or just simply place them around plates and cups to add an adorable touch to your décor. If the guest list isn’t too out of control, why not buy enough for each guest to wear – the guests have now become your Easter decorations as well!




Fun Christmas Party Ideas

December 17, 2013

Have your Holiday party be one your guests won’t forget. Spruce up your party with these family-friendly games that everyone will enjoy! -guest blogger: Maria

How Many Cookies?

Cookie JarsHoliday cookies are a staple at any party during the season. Fill a clear cookie jar, seal it, and place it for all to see. Have everyone guess how many cookies are in the jar, and the person with the closest guess wins the cookie jar AND the cookies! You can make your own Chalkboard Cookie Jar Labels and make it festive for the holiday season! View our Holiday Gift collection for cookies to fill the cookie jar!




“Twas The Night Before Christmas” Gift Exchange

Book: Twas the Night Before Christmas

A great way to incorporate a classic Christmas poem into your gift exchange parties. Select one person to read “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Everyone else stands in a circle with their wrapped presents. Each time the reader says the word “the” gifts are passed to the left and when the word “and” is said, the gifts are passed to the right. When the story ends, you are left with a new present!





Pin the Nose on the Snowman

Similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this game is perfect for younger children in your family.

What you will need:

  • 3 sheets of white poster board
  • Tape or Glue
  • 1 piece of orange construction paper
  • 1 piece of black construction paper
  • 1 bandanna

How to make the snowman:

  • Take 3 sheets of poster board and cut 3 different sized circles (small, medium, and large)
  • Tape the circles on the wall one on top of the other starting with the largest on the bottom
  • Cut out 7 small black circles out of construction paper (2 for the eyes and 5 for the mouth). Glue or tape them to the snowman’s face.
  • Make a hat for the snowman (optional)
  • For the nose, cut out orange triangles. One for each participant.

How to play:

Blindfold each child with a bandanna, gently spin them in a circle, and have them try and place the nose in the center of the snowman’s face. The child that gets the closest wins!

Enjoy your Holiday parties this season with these fun games! Read our blog for other fun party ideas for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day and more!


Holiday Gift Guide

December 9, 2013

In need of some guidance for your Holiday gift buying? I have created any easy shopping guide to help you pin-point the perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list! Here is your one-stop gift guide for a stress free shopping experience. –guest blogger: Maria

Gifts for Him

Whether he is an outdoorsman, handyman, sports fan, or a #1 Dad, Cheryl’s has a variety of gifts for any man in your life.

Cookie BoxesGift Tin

Gifts for Kids

Kids love unwrapping presents to unveil the contents inside! So why not give your kids cookies hidden in cute packaging like a snowman hat. It will be a surprise they won’t forget!

You've Been Elfed BoxSnowman HatHoliday Bear with Treats

For the Family

2 for 1 deal: not only are these gifts great family-friendly activities for every age, but they are also edible too! Spend an afternoon this winter with the whole family making memories.

Cut-Out Cookie Decorating KitSnowman Kit

For the Sweets Lover

Hit the spot with these sweet baskets. Each bountiful basket is filled with delicious treats based on a classic seasonal holiday flavor.

   Gingerbread BasketPeppermint Basket

Shop away and cross those names off your shopping list! Please visit to shop the entire Holiday collection.


Thanks & Gratitude

November 19, 2013

Hi everyone! My name is Maria. Recently, I joined the marketing team at Cheryl’s and Co to help out for the busy Holiday season and am very excited! I will be a guest blogger throughout the Holiday season.


It is mid-November what do you hear: the ringing of sleigh bells or the gobbling of a turkey? Many would say the ringing of sleigh bells as the Holiday season is top of mind for a lot of people. While the Holiday season is almost near, Thanksgiving is even closer with about one week left!

Over the past several years, I have noticed Thanksgiving Day seems to have become the prep day for the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season and is often overlooked. On this day people strategically plan their Black Friday shopping by browsing the ads, creating shopping lists, and napping for energy to combat the long lines and enormous crowds. Sadly, the real meaning of Thanksgiving is overlooked with the preoccupation of shopping and getting the “best” deal.

I love Thanksgiving as it is one of my favorite holidays of the year! It is spent watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with all the floats, marching bands, and big finale with Santa’s arrival. Football games play on the T.V. all day until 4 PM when everyone gathers together around the table not only to eat an abundance of hearty food but also to give thanks and gratitude. While eating, naps, and football watching all make for a relaxing day, the best part is being able to share what I am thankful for and spend time with family.

This Thanksgiving Day think about what you are thankful for and express your gratitude. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the encroaching Holiday season and enjoy a day complete with delicious hearty food, long naps, laughter, love, football, and relaxation. Put down those newspaper ads, turn off the computers, and stop planning ahead. Live in the moment and listen closely and maybe you will hear the Turkey gobbling away…

What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts!

Cheryl's Cookies and Brownies, Cookie Flower Bouquets, Flower Cookies, Mother's Day, Spring

5 Totally Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 29, 2013
Pina Cookie Lada

Pina Cookie LadaMom never stops giving her family all she’s got, so why not surprise her on Mother’s Day with a gift that’ll keep on giving back to her? A fresh batch of Cheryl’s cookies beautifully arranged in a fun, reusable package is a doubly sweet gift idea: The scrumptious treats will make her tummy happy, and the handy container will make her life easy. Here are five totally practical Mother’s Day presents that’ll last long after the cookies are gone!

Mother's Day Watering Can Cookie FlowersPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 1: Mother’s Day Watering Can Cookie Flowers

Any mom with a green thumb will love this one: Treat her to a dozen yummy flower-shaped cookies and help her keep her real-life flowers looking great! This sugary arrangement comes in a pretty metal watering can that your mama can use to water her garden. Or, she can turn it into a vase for fresh flowers and display it as a centerpiece on her dining room table!

Island MargaritaPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 2: Island Margarita

If anyone in the world deserves a delicious island getaway, it’s your hard-working mama. Aside from overflowing with tropical flavored buttercream frosted cookies, this durable plastic margarita glass also makes the ultimate party accessory. Next time your mom throws a BBQ bash, she can use the oversized glass to serve drinks or appetizers. Here’s a fun serving tip: For a chic hors d’oeuvre, Mom can hook shrimp along the entire rim of the glass and fill the center with cocktail sauce for dipping.

Spring Ceramic Basket Cutout CookiesPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 3: Spring Ceramic Basket Cutout Cookies

This gorgeous keepsake ceramic basket doesn’t just hold 12 of Cheryl’s world-famous frosted cutout cookies. With a little imagination, it has tons of potential uses around the home! Mom can use it to serve bread or dessert at the dinner table, or organize small items like silverware or craft supplies. It’ll help keep Mom’s home tidy and add a refreshing spring touch to her décor for years to come!

Spring BasketPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 4: Spring Basket

Packed to the brim with frosted cut-out cookies, snack-size brownies, sweet pretzel clusters and butter shortbread cookies, this pretty-in-pink basket is infinitely functional. Use these tips on packing the perfect picnic basket and head out for a Mom-and-me lunch in the sun, or check out these 30 different uses for baskets from for even more savvy ideas!

Large Mother's Day Cookie and Candy Flower PotPractical Mother’s Day Gift Idea No. 5: Large Mother’s Day Cookie and Candy Flower Pot

This tasty bouquet of Cheryl’s buttercream-frosted cookies and candy sits in a metal bucket that’s not only cute as a button, but also super-efficient! Mama will have a blast discovering all the different ways she can use it indoors or outside. She can fill it with ice and turn it into a mini cooler for drinks, pack it with soil and convert it into a flower pot, or make it a caddy for anything from gardening tools to kitchen utensils.

So which practical Mother’s Day gift will you be surprising your mom with, and how will she use it to simplify her life?

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